Key Principles of Mental Resilience From a Retired Colonel

A retired military officer shares success secrets after 26 years in the armed forces.

By Spartan Up! Podcast • Nov 29, 2016

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On this episode of the Spartan Up! podcast series, Entrepreneur Network partner Joe De Sena meets with retired Col. Fellinger to discuss health, motivation and success.

From problem-solving to risk-taking, 26 years in the military taught Col. Fellinger many of the lessons he lives by today. For one, he notes how the biggest problems offer the greatest rewards. However, he explains that it's not about the problem specifically -- it's about the process by which you solve it.

He also emphasizes motivation. His military career taught him the importance of pushing yourself to take the next step, whether you're jumping out of an airplane or making a major career decision.

Much of what Col. Fellinger shares about the military applies to entrepreneurship and business. Building mental resilience through motivation and risk-taking are key to anyone's success -- in the military, in business and in life.

To learn more, play the video above.

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