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Learn How to Stay Ahead of the Curve By 'Futurecasting'

Futurecasting for Product Innovation teaches you how to anticipate consumers' future needs.

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Entrepreneurship is tough, but its basic tenets aren't rocket science. A well-devised business plan, strong financial backing, cohesive teamwork and a standout product or service all add up to a potentially stellar company.

Billetto Editorial

You might not need to reinvent the wheel to offer something that people want, but what your customers desire today can change dramatically from what they need tomorrow. The world is charging ahead at a breakneck pace, and there are countless online shops that can beat you to the new-product punch. Futurecasting for Product Innovation teaches you how to create a relevant, sustainable business by anticipating your customers' future needs.

Pro consultant Lee-Sean Huang teaches this class. He's the co-founder of Foossa, a creative consultancy. He's also worked with organizations in the public, private and social sectors on all five continents, helping them innovate new services and experiences — making him the ideal instructor for this futurecasting crash course.

Futurecasting involves modeling and rehearsing potential future scenarios to determine what your demographic wants before they realize their needs. It's an essential tool for design innovation and long-term business strategy — if you can envision your audience's future environment, you can predict what tools they might need to successfully navigate it.

This class utilizes techniques adapted from the military, global corporations and top design schools to help you map out best and worst-case future scenarios for your business. You'll craft and model different future scenarios to "rehearse" for whatever comes your way, then engage your team in the process to get everyone on the same page.

Futurecasting for Product Innovation with Lee-Sean Huang has a sticker price of $29, but right now you can innovate for tomorrow for only $14.99 (48 percent off).

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