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Want to be an effective leader? You have to understand how to manage your team. Learn everything you need to know here.

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6 Keys to Winning in Business and Life From the NFL's Greatest Coaches

Leadership is a complex topic, but these tips from some of the greatest NFL coaches can help you become a better leader.

Brad Klune

3 Steps to Create a Leadership Development Framework

Instead of guessing the best training for your organization, do training that supports your leadership framework. Build your framework by following the general guidelines below.

Chris Mayfield

How to Cultivate Emotional Intelligence as a Strategic Leader

The benefits of emotional intelligence in the workplace and how to develop it to enhance your leadership skills and business strategy.

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'I Listen To You And To Our Guests': Disney Is Bringing Back Free Parking for Disney Orlando Hotel Stays, Plus Other Perks

Fans of the park said Bob Chapek stole the magic. It's possible that CEO Robert Iger will recapture it.

How to Find, Hire (and Fire!) Rockstar Employees

Hiring can be scary and stressful. So, verifying your hire's skills and attributes is worth the effort.

Krista Mashore

5 Best-Practice Tips for Onboarding Remote Employees

The world of work has changed. Use these tips to make sure your onboarding processes remain current.

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Regain Control of Your Time With This Easy Entrepreneurial Tool

Harnessing the power of this tool will save you stress and planning while simultaneously allowing you to be in many places.

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To Survive The Recession, You Must First Tackle This Chronic Workplace Issue That's Only Worsening. Here's How.

Proven strategies that will help your business and its leaders both spot and recover from an overextended staff.

Britt Andreatta

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Is Right. New Employees Are Less Productive in a Hybrid Work Setting — But Why?

Salesforce permits a high degree of flexibility for employees: teams and their leaders can choose what kind of work arrangements suit their needs best. But does such flexibility threaten the development and integration of recently-hired junior staff?

Gleb Tsipursky