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The Journey to Success Is Paved With Self-Discovery Join us for tips from Ketan Makwana, Dr. Karen Osburn and Ryan Michler to help on your journey to self-discovery.

By Alan Taylor

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Ryan Michler

It's time to decide what it is you really want and go after it. Entrepreneurs have many roadblocks that will surface on the road to success, and their overall victory depends on their tenacity to carry on. In the top of the hour, Ketan Makwana of Enterprise Labs tells us how he went from a corporate employee to owning numerous successful businesses. Then, Dr. Karen Osburn, host of Women Wanting More, explains how her podcast is helping women find their personal power. Last, Order of Man's Ryan Michler tells about the community he created for men to help them work through their pain and realize their destiny. Master your mind and show up for your life. The journey starts now.

  • [00:00:00] Take a Job, or Be a Boss and Create One
  • [00:06:04] The Struggle Is Real: Get Tough, Get Going
  • [00:11:30] Women Wanting More and Dr. Karen Osburn
  • [00:18:21] Own Your Power and Conquer Your Goals
  • [00:24:21] Make the Journey Out of the Dark Into the Light
  • [00:33:23] Take Responsibility for Your Life to Grow

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[00:00:00] Take a Job, or Be a Boss and Create One

Every once in a while, life throws you curve ball and forces you to choose an unknown path. When it comes to selecting a career, this can be a very scary decision to make. Ketan Makwana, founder of Enterprise Labs, shares his journey from working for someone else to becoming an entrepreneur. He had worked hard for years at a corporation, only to lose his job suddenly during the recession. This left Makwana at a crossroads; should he find a job with someone else or create his own? Makwana went with the latter and after a few years he had sold two companies, and started Enterprise Labs. Are you ready to create the life you dream of? Hear tips on choosing the right fork in the road.

[00:06:04] The Struggle Is Real: Get Tough, Get Going

When everything hits the fan, it's easy to lose focus on why we started going after our vision in the first place. Don't give up! Makwana has some advice for entrepreneurs who are struggling and losing hope. Makwana explains how to keep our eyes on the prize, be authentic and disrupt the market to create change. Find out what it takes to hold on when the going gets tough. It will be worth it!

[00:11:30] Women Wanting More and Dr. Karen Osburn

Do you want more? You're not alone. Many women find themselves feeling lost and disconnected. Dr. Karen Osburn, host of Women Wanting More, tells us about the podcast that she started in hopes of finding a community of women who are searching for fulfillment. After embarking on a mission to ignite passion in her marriage, Osburn wanted to share her personal experiences with the world. She explains that you must take control of your life. Listen for Osburn's tips on building a social audience, career and the life that you deserve.

[00:18:21] Own Your Power and Conquer Your Goals

Is there something stirring deep within your soul telling you that you want more? Many of us may feel it, but we're all talk and no action. Achieving your desires only comes by getting clear on what you want and why it matters. There is a point where you must realize that you are the only one who can make a difference in your life, and you have to show up and do the work. Osburn describes her journey to finding peace. Hear Osburn's inspiring insights on taking the first steps towards braving the unknown.

[00:24:21] Make the Journey Out of the Dark Into the Light

There is no owner's manual for life -- none of us have it all figured out. We all experience trials and tribulations that can take us to a dark place. How do you steer your life back to a place of light? You need to look inward and take personal responsibility to make some serious changes. Ryan Michler, founder of Order of Man, tells us that we can use our darkness as fuel to shine. How you choose to respond to life's situations can make or break you. Be the master of your destiny, learn how.

[00:33:23] Take Responsibility for Your Life to Grow

Personal growth is sometimes the hardest challenge to conquer; in order to produce change in your life, you must look inward. If you are willing to share your story, be vulnerable and admit that you don't have it all figured out, then you will have taken your first step towards discovering your true self. Michler has founded Order or Man to help brave souls take responsibility for their lives. Incredible change is on the horizon -- can you feel it?

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