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10 Business Tools to Do All Your Heavy Lifting

Make your entrepreneurial life a little bit easier.

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Entrepreneurs have a lot to juggle. Running a company efficiently while balancing your personal life is far from easy. Fortunately, technology can help. If you need a little extra help, we've rounded up some of the top deals on business tools that can do some of the heavy lifting for you. Check them out.

Matthew Henry

1. Tracking your finances.

Managing your business's money is hard enough; make your personal finance considerably easier with iFinancer. This personal budget planner helps you track all of your expenses in one place, keeping you updated on how much you spend. Whether you're budgeting for next month, or for ten years down the line, iFinancer can help.

Get iFinancer Income & Expense Tracker for $19 (Reg. $30), a savings of 36 percent.

2. Growing your e-commerce business.

WooCommerce is one of the top e-commerce platforms for businesses, but you can get so much more out of it with plugins. This extensive collection will help you run your online business more efficiently than ever. From one-page checkout and payments, to Google Analytics and email marketing plugins, this budget-friendly collection will overhaul your operations.

Get the WooCommerce 110+ Premium Plugin Bundle for $39 (Reg. $199), a savings of 80 percent.

3. Creating mockups.

Visualize your projects before you do them with Mockuuups. Whether you're trying to show a client how their product might look in your store, or present a pitch for a sale, Mockuuups is a simplified mockup generator that requires no extensive mockup research. Just focus on your design instead.

Get Mockuuups Studio Premium for $39.99 (Reg. $420), a savings of 90 percent.

4. Optimizing email marketing.

Building an email list is an essential task for any business. But how often do you audit that list? Truemail is a real-time email verifier that audits your list to identify duplicates, broken or old email addresses, and more to help you purge the ranks of bad emails that are plaguing your list.

Get Bulk Email Verifier for $49 (Reg. $1,049), a savings of 95 percent.

5. Designing engaging presentations.

If you do presentations or pitches to investors or potential clients, you need Kroma. This ingenious presentation tool is used by Samsung, Deloitte, Nike, IBM, and more top companies because it offers a budget-friendly, seamless way to create high-quality presentations in minutes. With lifetime access to a collection of infographics, data visualization, B2B presentations, and professionally-designed templates, Kroma can save you hours of planning and design time.

Get the Kroma Pro Plan for $49.99 (Reg. $499), a savings of 89 percent.

6. Writing marketing copy.

Copywriting is an essential element of any marketing strategy. But, if you're not the best writer and you don't have the money to outsource, Copysmith is your best bet. This AI-powered tool writes copy word by word for completely original ads, product descriptions, and taglines.

Get Copysmith for $59.99 (Reg. $228), a savings of 73 percent.

7. Automating your social media channels.

Don't have the budget to hire a social media expert? Let SocialBot be your pro instead. SocialBot automates all of your social marketing-related tasks, from communicating with customers via Facebook Messenger and auto-commenting, handling food orders, sending SMS and email marketing blasts, and much more.

Get SocialBot by ZapApps for $79 (Reg. $4,740), a savings of 98 percent.

8. Translating languages.

The world of business doesn't have to be flat. Whether you're working with international customers or you'd like to expand your business overseas, it's valuable to have a translator that goes well above and beyond Google Translate. That's LingvaNex Translator, a seamless app that works on all of the documents, web pages, presentations, and more.

Get LingvaNex Translator for $79.99 (Reg. $399), a savings of 80 percent.

9. Scheduling meetings.

Keeping your team aligned when everybody is working remotely is difficult. That's why TimeSync was made. The only online meeting scheduler designed exclusively for remote teams, it helps everybody automatically keep tabs on scheduled meetings and calls, and seamlessly syncs people, schedules, and outcomes. That's why it was a #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

Get TimeSync Pro for $39.99 (Reg. $420), a savings of 90 percent.

10. Organizing all your contacts.

L-Card Pro is the business card of the future. With award-winning OCR card scanning, an elite business card design suite, smart email signature, and more, L-Card Pro is the ultimate mobile Rolodex. That's why it was recognized as one of the top 3 Emerging Mobile Apps for Business at the Global Mobile App Summit & Awards.

Get L-Card Pro Digital Business Card App for $38.99 (Reg. $58), a savings of 32 percent.

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