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4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Sharp on the Road

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From meetings to road shows, it's easy for entrepreneurs to succumb to the road warrior blues. A hectic schedule comes with the territory, and you can easily spend 20 out of traveling. This takes a toll on your , mental focus and relationships -- both professional and personal.


While no one is immune to the detriments of constant travel, there are ways to mitigate their impact on your life and . From practical travel tips to the power of delegating, it's possible to balance the demands of your schedule with the needs of your body and mind.

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Here are four tips to help you on your way:

1. Make the your office.

Treat your time in transit as an oasis for work. If possible, don't sit with colleagues, explaining that you're devoting the flight to completing a task. By not being on your phone or having to deal with interruptions, you can 100 percent on your priorities. Also, by utilizing your time on the plane, you automatically have built-in deadline: landing time

2. Stick to your workout routine.

The benefits of staying physically active extend beyond just physical benefits. Physical activity also helps you stay mentally sharp, which is vital for successful entrepreneurs.

If you prefer to in a gym, make sure your hotel has a fitness center that meets your needs. Likewise, check pool hours if you're a swimmer. If those accommodations aren't an option, high-intensity circuit training using bodyweight as resistance can provide maximum impact with a minimal time commitment.

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3. or hire an assistant.

Booking travel arrangements, managing calendars and returning calls may feel productive, but it's not a good use of your time. If you can't hire a full-time assistant, look into a service such as Fancy Hands, which will take care of simple tasks on your to-do list for a low price. By delegating the minutiae, you'll be free to focus on growing your business. Plus, hiring a could save you more than two hours a day.

4. Motivate yourself.

When we feel confident, it's easier to achieve our professional goals and reach past our abilities. So whether it's listening to a TED Talk, repeating a mantra or watching Rocky clips, figure out what fires you up and puts you in your zone. Have fun with it!

Maintaining an "always on" frame of mind is critical for entrepreneurs, especially when traveling. If you let your customer or audience know you're jet-lagged, you risk losing them. But with the above techniques, you'll hit the ground running -- whenever and wherever you might land.

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