5 Tools to Help Solopreneurs Get More Done Every Day These apps can help most solopreneurs grow their businesses. Take a look.

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Annie Spratt

Most solopreneurs are looking for ways to perfect and grow their businesses without losing focus. With COVID-19 affecting industries across the board, solopreneurs are grinding every single day to either regain their edge or quickly pivoting. Essentially as one-person shops, the foundations for growth are dependent solely on the solopreneur instead of a group he or she can work together with.

Over the last decade, success for solopreneurs has become more attainable with the help of tools that enable them to act quickly and boost productivity. Instead of having to depend on others within a team or a network of freelance workers, here are five tools that solopreneurs will find useful on a daily basis:

1. PDF Expert: Easily edit PDFs.

For the most part, PDFs are the ideal documents to send and receive without having to worry about any formatting issues. But the process of going back and forth of editing documents (most likely in Microsoft Word) then saving it as a PDF, only to realize there is a typo is one of the many pain points solopreneurs face.

PDF Expert allows you to easily and quickly edit PDFs, everything from fixing text, links, and images. Get the award winning Mac app, PDF Expert, for just $29.99 today.

2. mPonics Marketing Automation: Schedule marketing campaigns with ease.

Getting a marketing campaign live and optimizing for your business involves multiple touchpoints. Oftentimes, it is either manually scheduled or uploaded to a complicated scheduling management system.

mPonics is the answer solopreneurs are looking for when it comes to streamlining their marketing efforts. This tools provides users with an all-in-one solution to attract new customers, drive engagement, and measure performance. Get mPonics Marketing Automation for just $9.99.

3. NordPass Password Manager: Safely store all your logins.

As a solopreneur, you are probably signing up for services left and right to grow your business. And most likely you have either hit the "forgot password' option trying to sign in again or have the same passwords for all of them (which doesn't adhere to standard internet security practices).

NordPass is the all-in-one solution to safeguarding login information and generating secure passwords. Another added benefit is that NordPass syncs across multiple devices, so you can access everything from your smartphone and laptop. Get a year subscription of NordPass Password Manager for just $29.99.

4. ImageX Ultra: A light photoshop alternative.

Making small edits to images shouldn't have to require solopreneurs to pay a monthly fee for Adobe CC or hire someone on Fiverr. When it comes to creating assets for marketing and/or press, engaging images are usually templatized.

ImageX Ultra makes it easy for anyone to create images for their brand's pages by utilizing over 500 professional graphic templates. The simple interface doesn't require any technical skills from the users end. Get ImageX Ultra: Image & Graphics Editor for $28.99.

5. Task Pigeon Business Plan: Get more done by staying organized.

The idea of being just as productive while multitasking is a myth. One of the proven ways to become more productive is through task based methods. Instead of trying to remember what you have to get done today via either a calendar or memory, a task manager will help create a more organized and effective system you can always reference.

Task Pigeon Business Plan is a powerful organizational tool to help boost productivity through task boards. Do everything from attaching important documents to tasks to create recurring tasks. Get a one user plan of Task Pigeon Business Plan for just $49.

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