Check out the Crazy Light-Up Eyelashes of the Future That Have Raised Nearly 100,000 on Kickstarter These false eyelashes glow with tiny LED lights.

By Matthew McCreary

f.lashes | Kickstarter

Remember Jennifer Lawrence's dress from The Hunger Games? The one that burns with an artificial fire every time she spins? Or Chris Pratt's rocket boots from Guardians of the Galaxy, which propel him through the air across gorges? Did you ever wish showstopping wearables were available right now?

Well, we're not there yet. But we're a little bit closer.

Enter F.lashes, false eyelashes lit by tiny LED lights. The project started on a lark, as something its creator Tien Pham paraded through a California Maker Faire. He got such a positive response he brought the product to Kickstarter where it has flown past its $40,000 goal and is quickly reaching the six figures.

F.lashes, won't help you fly like Pratt's boots. They won't burn like Lawrence's dress (that's probably a good thing). And as The Verge points out, there's likely more design work ahead to get these ready for prime time. But they remind us how quickly technology is evolving. After all, decades ago, LED eyelashes might have seemed as far-fetched as those fictional, cinematic fashion pieces do now. Fun projects like these F.lashes offer a hint of what's possible.

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Check out the video to learn more -- and to get a glimpse of your new dance club future.

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