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Elon Musk Names His First Tunneling Machine After a Classic

Wait for it…

It's safe to say at this point that has a fondness for offbeat names.

Bloomberg | Getty Images
Elon Musk

In the case of the car models, it has gotten him into some trouble. Tesla makes three different , the , the Model 3 and the Model X -- which put together spell out S3X or SEX.

Some Tesla owners didn't quite get the joke, and thought that the Model 3 was an upgrade on the Model S, according to The Journal.

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However, for his more recent venture, underground tunneling initiative , Musk opted to go for a slightly higher brow choice for the name of its first tunneling machine.

The name is taken from Waiting for Godot, the classic play by Samuel Beckett in which two characters named Vladimir and Estragon wait for someone named Godot who -- 64-year-old spoiler alert -- never actually shows up.

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What that actually means for the fate of the new company is really anyone's guess. But Musk said that the next machine's name will likely be inspired by Robert Frost.

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