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Here's a Site That Helps You Steal Top Employees From Your Biggest Rivals

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Recruiting the best talent to work for your company can be a huge challenge, especially when some of the best employees are already working for your competitors. One startup thinks it's come up with a way for you to snatch those employees from right under your competitors' nose, and even have them come to you.

Called Poachable, it works sort of like an online dating site for professionals. Potential employees fill out a profile with information about themselves, their background and what it would take to lure them away from their current spot. Poachable then uses its algorithms to match those employees to companies within its system it thinks would be a good fit and asks if they'd be interested in learning more -- all while keeping the employee's identification a secret.

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You'll get a list of possible employees sent your way based on candidates who respond "Maybe" to potentially working for your company. If you're interested in any of them, you just let Poachable know and it will facilitate an email intro.

The whole recruitment process is a bit simpler in that you already know an employee is interested in chatting before you ever connect and you have a good idea of what it might take to lure the person away from his or her current position before you sit down for that first cup of coffee.

You only pay Poachable when you ask to see an employee's full details on the site and the employee agrees. Once you've seen the person's full background you can decide whether or not you'd like to be introduced and chat about bringing that person on.

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The service is already being used by companies like Google, eBay and Amazon to recruit new talent. Top employees on the site include mid-level professional in a number of fields, with the majority in engineering, product manager and designer positions. Job seekers are scattered around the U.S., with a particularly strong showing in New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

The downside, obviously, is that your own employees could be using Poachable. The algorithm takes into account someone's current position and company and makes sure employees aren't matched with their current boss, so you won't find out. That's even more incentive to make sure your current compensation package is competitive enough to keep everyone happy.

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