How Effective Employee Communication Boosts Productivity Effective communication amongst members of the workforce is capable of scaling business whether small or large.

By James Jorner

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Effective communication amongst members of the workforce is capable of scaling business whether small or large. Irrespective of your industry, your business needs not just good but effective communication.

According to statistics, effective communication can increase your organization's productivity by 25%. In view of this, having the right means of communication in your office can't be overemphasized.

In addition to this, organizations should place a premium on identity identification. With remote working taking over, there has been an increase in identity theft and cybercrime. In the United States alone, 13% of recorded criminal complaints are cases of identity theft.

Biometric identity theft which is a big scare for virtual workspaces is equally common. In the first quarter of 2018, about 8 million identities were stolen daily. This makes identity theft and verification a big deal. Thankfully, advanced identity verification is the revolution cybersecurity needs.

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For businesses to keep up with the latest trend of remote working, being able to communicate while having top-notch cybersecurity is crucial. Here we explore two brands and how they offer innovations with a global impression.

How Effective Employee Communication Boosts Productivity

There is no business that isn't concerned with increased productivity. To put it straightly, productivity is an important aspect of businesses. Many business owners seek means to increase productivity, often forgetting communication. Yearly, companies with a workforce of 100 employees lose an average of $420,000 due to lack of communication.

If you amass well-trained staff that know their salt and worth their onion but they struggle to complete projects, you aren't productive. Innovative approaches and excellent ideas can only benefit you and your organization if your staff can smash goals.

Owing to this, it becomes pertinent for your staff to be able to effectively communicate to increase productivity.

Take advantage of technology

Using technology can take your business from its present level to an even better one. With technology, you can improve the communication of your business.

Technology can bring quicker resolution of problems and a positive turnaround for your business. With apps like Groupe, coworkers can communicate and share files without hassle. Also, it allows team members to pass information to one other immediately.

Sending out reminders is also easy with technology. You can address important issues without having to procrastinate.

Communication apps indeed are one of the ways your business can be up to date with business trends. Communication apps are essential for businesses.

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Another advantage of technology is that it doesn't just increase your communication, it increases your productivity. With technology, you can save travel expenses by setting up a video call.

Communication improves staff cooperation

When there is good communication among members of the workforce, it increases productivity. If the staff communicate with one another, there can be proper oversight. Irrespective of whether the staff is team members or not communication should never be lost among them.

Additionally, communication allows employees to be updated on what is going on in the organization. By doing this, employees can always step in when their attention is needed on a particular project. There won't be a need to brief them on the details of the project as they are already in the loop.

What this means is that projects will be completed on time and problems resolved easily. Departments won't need to recruit a new team member before getting the job done.

Conclusively, effective communication pulls down the walls between groups and departments. It allows different people from different departments in the same organization to work alongside one another. Timeliness is needed for productivity to be increased and communication births timeliness.

How Advanced Identity Verification Revolutionizes Cyber Security

Digitalization may be the new normal but with it comes flaws. The work from the home method is convenient and cost-effective hence many organizations are switching over. However, some people are trying to take advantage of the situation with cybercrimes. Yearly, the damages cybercrimes cost is about $6 trillion.

Since most of the work done is digital, it becomes easy for cyber fraudsters to hack systems and manipulate people into believing false identities. There have been many attacks on organizations for account takeovers, identity theft, and data breaches.

With the growing rate of cybercrime, it was estimated in 2020 to cost the world economy about $1 trillion. Cybercrime is a serious threat to companies and they must be aware of it. As of the end of 2020, cybercrime costs increased from $945 billion to the world over $1trillion.

An identity verification process is necessary to ensure someone's identity matches or correlates with what it's supposed to be.

Simply put, identity is a unique set of characteristics or traits that a person is associated with. Each person has a unique identity. Identity verification is crucial in digital environments because identity theft is rampant.

What identity verification does is ensure that the person behind a process is real. It proves that whoever is behind a person is who the person claims to be. Identity verification prevents someone from performing a process without proper authorization. Its primary assignment is to prevent the creation of false identities and commuting fraud.

Advanced identity verification using a company such as Trust Swiftly allows you to:

  • Rapidly respond to threats with dynamic verification

  • Uncover existing fraud and identify patterns of bad users

Communication and security at the forefront

Downplaying the importance of communication can lead to a lack of productivity. With effective communication tools, you can increase your organization's productivity causing you to stand out in your industry.

Furthermore, while riding on the tide of working from home, remember to beef up your organization's cybersecurity. Advanced identity verification adds an edge to cybersecurity making your organization impenetrable to cyber attacks.

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