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I Added This Designer LED Lamp to My Office and It Improved My Mental Health This minimalist designer lamp made me happier and more productive.

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This article was written by Wyatt Frame

All busy entrepreneurs know the feeling: just as you're working on one important task, another area of the business needs your attention urgently, then another fire comes up which needs to have been tackled… yesterday. After jumping from task to task, suddenly you find that you're sitting in a dark office and you look at the clock–only to find that the day and night have run away with you.

As a hard-working individual with a business mindset, it's easy to suddenly be working long into the night before you even realize it. I noticed it tenfold over the past 18 months, while working from home. With no separation between the office and home, it's even easier to lose all track of time and regularly work long into the night.

While becoming totally absorbed in your work is all part of the passion and dedication which comes with entrepreneurship, sitting in a dark, dull room is not the most inspiring of settings.

So, I thought I'd do something about it. No longer was I going to be working in the darkness. My solution wasn't to work less, but to brighten up my workspace, and breathe new life into those nights of work where you're on a roll.

It was an especially good decision, since I had found these stylish Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamps by Lamp Depot on sale at an outrageously affordable price. They still are – for a limited time, you can get this Lamp Depot minimalist LED corner floor lamp in a 6-pack for just $399.49 (taking a further 15 percent off the current sale price of $469.99) with code ANNUAL15 (regular price $894).

Features to improve your room and your mood.

We all know that being in a more attractive setting makes you feel good. It's why we're happy to spend our hard-earned cash on collecting our favorite artworks and taking vacations in beautiful luxury hotels. It's proven, too: a study by Ohio State University and the National Institute of Mental Health found that workers in an old office building, with low ceilings and dull lighting, were demonstrably more stressed than workers in a newer space with brightly lit skylights.

This beautifully designed lamp certainly made that change for me.

Each minimalist corner lamp by Lamp Depot is packed with soft-white, integrated LED lights, controlled by an easy-to-use remote control. "Why would you need a remote for your lamps?' you might be thinking. Well, that's because this is no ordinary lamp. Along with its soft white light ideal for illuminating your space, you can also customize your light by shuffling through more than 16 million colors and over 300 multi-color effects – allowing you to choose the perfect light for any mood.

Blue lights are shown to promote feelings of peace, so I used these when stressed and immediately felt more calm, while orange colors have been proven to increase creativity. So, when I was brainstorming on a particularly important pitch, I naturally set my LEDs to a vibrant shade of orange.

Whether that's your own personal chromatherapy treatment in action, or simply a case of switching up your environment for a renewed burst of energy and ideas, I'm not sure. What I do know is that I won the pitch.

Unlike other freestanding lamps, these take up minimal floor space – which meant that I could easily fit one of these lamps in every corner of my room, without crowding it out. I bought the pack of six, to save even more money, which achieved the effect of lighting up my office at every angle, giving the double whammy improvement of ensuring maximum light into my space, while also keeping it clutter-free and spacious.

High-end design elevated my work space instantly.

I mean, just look at it. This is not your average desk lamp. This freestanding light's cool minimalist design made my office space look more million-dollar Manhattan loft than cop show detective cracking a case in his pitch-black basement (hey, the work I was doing might not sound as cool, but the stress and the amount of papers strewn everywhere are on par).

The vibe was completed by its quality metal finish and weighted rubber bottom–meaning that it stands tall and securely in place in the corner of your room.

When the lamps are off (which is not very often in my office, since there are so many settings I've been enjoying playing with) it's not even clear that they're lamps. They look more like modern sculptures, or part of the room itself. Then, when they switch on, illuminating every corner, they always impress.

I get compliments on them all the time. Another on Zoom assumed it was a cool virtual background. One client who came for a meeting asked which interior designer had created and installed my lighting, and I proudly told them that it was me.

Everything improved.

Not only did I win those pitches and notice a renewed dedication and energy for my work – no matter what time of day – but I noticed my mental health improve, too.

That feeling of suddenly being tired and stressed, while sitting in the darkness after working into the night? I simply didn't have it anymore. Instead of working until dark, I was switching the settings of my lights every so often, enjoying the time I spent in my office, rather than feeling like time was running away with me.

I'm not the only one who has noticed the positive change this kind of lighting can bring to a space. In fact, this particular minimalist corner floor lamp by Lamp Depot has a glowing 4/5 star review score from other fans. And of course, while I've felt the productivity and mental health improvements in my office, others have used them around the rest of their homes, too. As one customer recently reviewed, "Very cool lighting effects and I love that we can use two of them together. Perfect for intimate evenings at home, and easy enough to carry so we take them out to our patio."

You can buy more and save more and get this Lamp Depot Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp on sale by using code ANNUAL15. Get a single lamp for for $76.49 (a savings of 49 percent), a 2-pack for $135.99 (a savings of 55 percent), a 4-pack on sale for $263.49 (a savings of 62 percent), or a 6-pack for just $399.49 (a savings of 55 percent).

Prices subject to change.

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