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The economy is lagging and small businesses are having a hard time navigating their way through the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is the time to be leaner and more efficient, which is why companies of all sizes need people with project management skills on staff. Whether you're looking to improve your abilities as an entrepreneur or you want to raise your potential at your current company, The Complete Project Management eBook & Video Course Bundle can teach you valuable skills to help you get ahead.

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This bundle includes seven complete ebooks and eight hours of video training to give you a comprehensive breakdown of several project management methodologies. Geared primarily towards IT project management, you'll learn how to use the popular bug tracking and project management software Jira. You'll understand how to use Jira to run projects, customize fields, perform more effective data collection, improve workflows and business processes, and much more. There's even a course dedicated solely to Jira recipes, teaching you how to use a bevy of popular plugins and customizations for the platform.

You'll also get a crash course in Redis, the most popular in-memory key-value data store. With Redis, you can easily cache projects and data so you can manage mounds of it easily. You'll also learn Redmine, an online project management tool that offers complete flexibility to manage your team, organization, infrastructure, and the program itself.

With all of these tools, you'll have the skills you need to run effective, efficient projects on time and under-budget, regardless of your industry. Right now, you can get The Complete Project Management eBook & Video Course Bundle for just $29.99.

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