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Relax on the Go With This Travel-Ready Gravity Blanket

With a more compact size, this blanket is optimized for travel.

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The Gravity Blanket has increased in popularity recently as more and more people swear by the benefits of using weighted blankets. The original has been shown to help you get to faster and unwind easier by promoting blood flow and making you feel like you're in a warm embrace. However, it wasn't particularly well-suited to use anywhere outside of your home. Which is why the Gravity Travel Blanket has now been developed.

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Perfect for when you're traveling for business or away with the family for the weekend, this 66" x 42" blanket offers all of the benefits of a regular Gravity Blanket in a more compact size. It comes with a carrying case, making it easier to while the internal fine-grade beads are uniformly distributed so they won't shift during transit. The duvet cover is made of breathable fabric that will remain comfortable on a plane or train, and it's designed to keep the internal weighted blanket soundly in place so you can get a restful sleep while on the move.

Don't sacrifice sleep and relaxation just because you're traveling. Grab the Gravity Travel Blanket for 32 percent off $185 today at just $125.

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