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The Best Office Chairs for a Shorter Person to Sit and Fit In

Reach new heights in a seat that suits your size.

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Even with the end of enforced work-from-home restrictions in sight, workforce norms have changed forever amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies that used to mandate coming into an office, including Twitter, are now opening the door for permanent remote work options, giving employees a lot more control over their schedules, not to mention their home office setups. For anyone under a certain height that never found comfort in their on-site office furnishings anyway, this is a great opportunity to invest in an office chair tailored to your needs. Let your feet touch the floor and experience true freedom with the best office chairs for a short person to enjoy.


Best Overall: Herman Miller Aeron - Size A ($1,186)
Best Armless: Hon Volt ($141)
Best for Comfort: Steelcase Leap V2 ($972)

Best Deal/Price: Amazon Basics GF-60044 ($68)

Best Ergonomics: Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair ($299)

Best for Posture: Branch Furniture Task Chair ($249)

Best Leather: Duramont DRC71B ($300)

Herman Miller

Best Office Chair Overall: Herman Miller Aeron ($1,186)

As far as office seating is concerned, the Herman Miller Aeron is not only iconic, but it’s ubiquitous as well. Step into just about any office in Midtown Manhattan and you’re bound to find this chair staring back at you, if only in the C-suite. It’s clearly not a fashion statement either. Without further inspection, you might confuse it for a chair listed for a fraction of the price at a major big box retailer. But famous for its unparalleled lumbar support, it fits around your back like a glove, helping you maintain upright posture and preventing spinal issues down the line. Its unparalleled level of adjustability is merely an added bonus. Customize everything from the arms to the tilt to the caster straight from the Herman Miller site. Of course, shorter people will want to opt for Size A to reduce the height of the Aeron.

Hon Volt

Best Armless Office Chair: Hon Volt ($141)

On the much less expensive side of the spectrum, the Hon Volt removes the arms in favor of a simpler design for those who don’t find themselves taking too much time away from the keyboard. The cushioned seat and back will take care of the rest of your body while the latter can also recline. Five wheels on the bottom allow you to move freely between cubicles. Say hello to a coworker or start rummaging through the kitchen for snacks without ever leaving your chair. At only 18 inches high, the Volt sits low out of the box, though it can also be adjusted to be shorter.


Best Office Chair for Comfort: Steelcase Leap V2 ($972)

Another commercial office favorite, Steelcase has a reputation for building high-quality office furniture, decor, and open office solutions designed to keep productivity at an all-time high, even in a space without walls. The Leap V2 fits into this equation quite well, with a quintet of casters that encourage collaboration between peers. Its black fabric surface is comfortable enough as it is, but you can also control the firmness of the lower back to your preference. The lumbar height adjustments go up to 25 inches but can be brought down as needed.


Best Office Chair Deal: Amazon Basics GF-60044 ($68)

If you’d rather keep your budget under $100, the Amazon Basics GF-60044 is your best bet. This chair, as its brand name suggests, is basic, but it’s also functional. And at the end of the day, all you really need is a chair you can sit in that doesn’t hurt your back after prolonged use. The GF-60044 is that chair. Featuring a padded seat and back enveloped in black fabric, 360-degree swivel, and five rolling casters, the default seat height is 18 inches but can also be adjusted. This is the best office chair for shorter people who don’t need all the bells and whistles.


Best Ergonomic Office Chair: Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair ($299)

A popular midrange alternative to the Herman Miller lineup, Branch Furniture’s Ergonomic Chair quietly took center stage during the pandemic after the company decided to open its doors to D2C following mass office closures. The chair itself was designed in Italy, hence its chic aesthetic. On it, you’ll find most of the luxuries of the Aeron, such as breathable mesh, foam cushioning, and casters as well as adjustable height, tilt, and tension. The only downside is unfortunately the height, which is 42 inches at its tallest, but it can also deflate down to 38 inches if it keeps you grounded.


Best Office Chair for Posture: Branch Furniture Task Chair ($249)

While the Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair delivers the optimal seating experience for ergonomics, the company’s Task Chair presents a more affordable alternative that promotes good posture by way of its high-density foam cushion compounded with adjustable lumbar support. You can also adjust the tension in order to force your back upright throughout the day. Best of all, an EasyAdjust lever automatically reconfigures the settings to improve your posture without wasting your time fidgeting around.


Best Leather Office Chair: Duramont DRC71B

For a premium feel at a modest price point, look no further than the Duramont DRC71B, a low-sitting reclining executive chair with a high back that might even offer head support depending on your height. Made from real bonded leather, a hybrid blend of organic and synthetic materials, this chair combines a waterfall seat edge with soft padding to keep your legs comfortable while you work. And despite its ability to lean back up to 155 degrees, a locking mechanism ensures you never trigger the reclining function by mistake. The footrest is retractable for lounging around on your lunch break too. Standing at 18 inches, the DRC71B is a short chair that a shorter person could relish for years to come.

Herman Miller

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