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The Habits of Super Successful Sleepers (Infographic)

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By now, we all know that is important. But that doesn't mean getting enough of it is easy. Between overbooked schedules, habits, daytime stressors, ambient noise and bedside electronics, it can feel as if the quality sleep deck is stacked against us.

That said, by developing certain habits -- and quashing others -- it's possible to increase the likelihood of achieving the dream that is blissfully uninterrupted sleep.

For the insomniacs out there: take a long, hard look at your . Are you drinking after time? Are you bringing your electronics to with you? Are you napping in the afternoon, or exercising right before bed? If the answer is "yes" to any of the above, you may have found part of the problem.

For what other habits to avoid, as well as tips for creating the ideal sleeping environment, check out the infographic below, courtesy of home décor store Moshells.

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The Habits of Super Successful Sleepers (Infographic)

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