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This Eco-Friendly Disposable Diaper Aims to Disrupt Its Industry

Created by a concerned mom, Healthybaby is a case study on turning your passions into a successful business.

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Every entrepreneur knows that creating a successful business starts with taking advantage of the opportunities that are right in front of you. It means recognizing what people want or need, why they aren't getting it from companies that already exist, and how you might be able to do it better. But it's easier to recognize and seize opportunities when you follow your passion. And nobody demonstrates that better than Shazi Visram, founder of Healthybaby.

Image via Healthybaby
Shazi Visram (Right), Founder of Healthybaby

Visram is passionate about the environment. She is passionate about health. And she is passionate about children. And while doing her MBA at Columbia Business School in 2003, these passions helped her recognize a problem as well as an incredible opportunity.

At the time, very few organic baby foods were on the market. Less than 4 percent of baby food was organic. But her research suggested way more than 4 percent of parents were worried about the impact of pesticides and other chemicals on human health and the environment. So Visram developed a business plan for an organic baby food company called Happy Family that would offer healthy baby food to consumers of all income levels.

The rest, as they say, is history. Happy Family revolutionized the baby food industry and, in 2013, was acquired by French food giant Danone for $250 million.

Today, Shazi Visram still lets her passion drive her entrepreneurship. After her first child was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, she researched the potential danger of toxic chemicals in everyday household items. And this research led her to realize that many parents would be interested in a product that did not yet exist: an organic, chemical-free, environmentally friendly disposable diaper that works just as well as a traditional disposable diaper but does not expose your baby to potentially dangerous toxins.

The result of this realization is Healthybaby, a new company poised to disrupt the diaper industry the same way Happy Family disrupted the baby food industry. If you're a health-conscious parent looking for a more environmentally friendly diaper option, you need to check out what Healthybaby offers.

The Healthybaby Monthly Diaper Bundle comes with five packs of their signature organic cotton diapers and four packs of their 100 percent water- and plant-based wet wipes. These products are EWG VERIFIEDTM, OEKO-TEX, and FSC certified, which means they don't contain chemicals with health or ecotoxicity concerns and are sustainably produced using practices that protect the world's forests, the company says. Healthybaby also says its diapers use 100 percent organic cotton, which has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than regular cotton. Available in sizes one to six, these organic cotton diapers are 15 percent lighter than regular diapers. Still, they offer the same level of performance thanks to Healthybaby's patented Magic Channels and Flash Dry technology.

Designed specifically for babies who are starting to move and explore, these pull-ups are ultra soft and breathable, with a snug but comfortable elastic waist that allows your baby to move while still preventing leaks and blowouts.

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