This Founder Has Created a System to Help Women Entrepreneurs Manifest Their 2023 Goals

Hilary DeCesare says our success depends on our head, heart and higher self. She sat down with Jessica Abo to discuss her book and why we need to tune into our thoughts in order to change the channel.

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By Jessica Abo

Hilary DeCesare is the founder of The ReLaunch Co., and the author of RELAUNCH! Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life. She sat down with Jessica Abo to talk about how we can achieve our goals in 2023.

Jessica Abo: Hilary, so many people left the workforce in 2022. There was the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting — how did we get here?

Never in our history have we had three massive types of relaunches happening. We have global relaunches: the pandemic, war and financial crisis. We have business relaunches like the ones you've mentioned. And then there are the personal relaunches that can be attributed to relationships or health. It's the trifecta: All three coming together at the same time, which produces an excessive amount of stress around all of us. So it's a global relaunch epidemic that's happening right now.

Talk to us a little bit about the system that you've created.

It's really designed to help you weather the storm because you're going to have another relaunch. What is a relaunch? A relaunch is a transition. And what we all hope to have happen is a successful transformation. And that's what we help women do is get to that point to be able to relaunch themselves successfully and avoid the traps that can fall when things are starting to come together where it's like, "Oh my God, yet another relaunch, another relaunch." So not having to take a step back but constantly be moving forward.

What are some of the other traps that women fall into?

When you are at a higher level of stress, a natural way that your body is trying to get out of this situation is fight, flight or freeze. We're not able to accomplish everything that we want because to get back to operating from a sound level, you require a power source. The power source that I've created is called 3HQ. The three H's are the head, the heart and the higher self. Using this trifecta is what allows people to become manifestation magnets, to elevate themselves in their business and their personal lives.

Can you break down each of these for us? Starting with the head.

A lot of times you hear, "You gotta get out of your head." When you are spinning into a negative thought spiral, there is nothing positive about that. When we talk about the head, we're talking about you being able to get out of your own way and to be able to very clearly look at your identity of where you are right now and where you want to go, and making sure those two match.

So how do we get from that place and move into our heart?

In order to get into that heart center, you have to realize that a thought is triggered before an emotion (this is scientifically proven now) and we want to make sure that we can control our thoughts. When you can control your thoughts, then you can control the emotion that is attached to them. What many people don't realize is that thoughts and emotions repeating over time create our belief system and many of these were triggered when you were young. It's when the heart and the head are working together that you can then tap into your higher self–that best version of you.

We want to bring you to a higher level so that when you think about goal setting, you start to realize that what you really need to be doing is goal betting, and that's betting on you.

This is all so fascinating. Hilary, what made you want to come up with all of this in the first place?

I spent over 10 years in Silicon Valley at a Fortune 500 tech giant, and then I started to actually help the CEOs, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that were supporting these types of companies. I realized I wanted to be changing people's lives in a bigger way. My book, RELAUNCH! Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life, shares my own anecdotal stories and those of my clients to exemplify how 3HQ really manifested. If we can master 3HQ within ourselves, imagine where we can take business leadership and revenue to expand our businesses as we move into a 3HQ world.

So what's the first step in all of this?

You have to tune in. You're tuning in and realizing that you have negative thoughts — emotions that are coming up for you, and realizing that you have limiting beliefs. Once you do that, you can change the channel. When you're feeling stuck, this is when you tune in to elevate yourself, and then you say, "What is the first step I can take?" It's that first step and doing what you need to immediately act upon.

And was there ever a time in your own life that you had to tune in and change the channel?

I was raising quite a bit of capital for one of my companies and I was at Niagara Falls. I'm walking along the edge with a gentleman that's also helping me raise money. And I had this intuitive hit to get away from the edge, and as I turned around in my stilettos, I literally came six inches away from this guy. Now you may be saying, "Oh my God, was he trying to push you off? You never know, right? But I tuned into how I felt and I had to change this channel. Well, two years later, this guy who was one of my board members, actually took down the company. I got a call from the SEC and they were investigating him for a Ponzi scheme. You talk about tuning in and changing the channel? This channel had to be changed and I did it.

And to date, your company has helped more than 6,000 entrepreneurs and C-suite executives. How do you help them?

There are many different ways to work with The ReLaunch Co: you can work with us on a one-to-one basis, in a group coaching capacity, or bring us in to train the executive leadership team to understand that businesses have thoughts and an identity that could be potentially holding you back. We take you through a step-by-step 3HQprocess toward that higher version of your company where you're actually going to break through that revenue ceiling.

What's next for you and The ReLaunch Co.?

What's next for us is perfecting 3HQ™ from a growth perspective. C-Suite executives may know the secret, but it's getting it to midline management, the employees and the culture of the business that will allow us to create an impact on a global level. That's what we are destined to be able to do for others.

And finally, Hilary, what do you want to say to the person out there who's feeling stuck? Perhaps their New Year's resolutions have already fallen flat? What do you want to say to that person?

Very few actually meet their goals and are able to understand that they've been thinking externally about everything. This is the year to bet on you. If you take that first step to relaunch now, it will be a different year for you.

Jessica Abo

Entrepreneur Staff

Media Trainer, Keynote Speaker, and Author

JESSICA ABO is a media trainer, keynote speaker, and bestselling author who uses her 20+ years of TV news experience to help entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, celebrities, and philanthropists share their stories with the world. An award-winning journalist, Jessica has presented all over the country including at TEDx, Facebook, Microsoft, Delta Airlines, WW, and the United Nations. She has appeared on The TODAY Show, ABC News, Access Hollywood, KTLA, CBS, and NY1 and in Forbes, Fast Company, and Women's Health.  Her debut book Unfiltered: How To Be As Happy As You Look On Social Media sold out on its first day and empowers readers with tools they can use to take back their happiness IRL (in real life).

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