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Want to Be a Successful Entrepreneur Like Greg Rollett? Don't Watch This Video -- Make One Yourself. Use this Monday motivation to make the most of your week.

By Greg Rollett

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It's Monday, and Mondays always feel like they go on forever. Most of us spend a lot of the day looking at our clocks, wishing that time would go faster. But, if the only thing we have to look forward to at the end of the day, or the end of the week, is whatever's on Netflix, then we're doomed to repeat the same cycle. And time might seem slow, but we only have a finite supply of it.

Or, as Entrepreneur Network partner Greg Rollett says, we only get one shot at life. That's why Rollett wants to give you the motivation to make the most of your time. Start by asking yourself where your ambitions lie and how you can accomplish them. Then, go out and do what it takes. It's really that simple.

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Greg Rollett

Founder of

Greg Rollett is an Emmy Award-winning producer, bestselling author and media expert who works with experts, thought leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world. He utilizes the power of new media, direct response and personality-driven marketing to attract more clients and to create more freedom in the businesses and lives of his clients.

Rollett is the founder of, a leading online education platform for entrepreneurs and is the host of the online TV show, The Ambitious Life. Rollett has also hosted numerous TV shows including the reality show Ambitious Adventures, where Rollett traveled the country in search of today's best young entrepreneurs making a significant impact in their community.

He has co-authored bestselling books with Jack Canfield, Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, James Malinchak, Robert Allen, Ryan Lee and many other leading experts from around the world.

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