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November 2000

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November 2000

Entrepreneur | November 2000
November 2000
Entrepreneur Magazine

Young Millionaires

Let's put our burning envy aside and try to learn something here.

Meet Market

Are we ready for a Web-conferenced world?

Titan Up

JA is whipping our youngsters into entrpreneurial shape.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Not as many people as you might think

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Close Up: Teen Sensations

Entrepreneurs are getting younger every year.

Sprinkling Data Dust

Your PC's slow? You could use a visit from the defrag fairy.

Stop, eThief!

Do cybercrooks have their beady eye on your business?

Just Can't Hack It

The best solutions to the most common security problems

Looking For Attention

Tools for getting maximum attention for your Web site

Trading Places

Whether you start one or just use one, B2B exchange will be part of your business.

Wise Buys

Review of e-commerce service BizBlast.com, e-commerce service provider InstantService.com and Web-based management module Cloak 3000

Pattern Behavior

Is the cross-stitch industry crafty enough to halt Napsteresque pattern swapping?

Voices Carry . . .

. . . over a couple thousand acres, thanks to this nifty cordless.

Web Site

Low cost real-time chat functionality

Disco Inferno

Thanks to fast burn speeds and smokin' prices, CD-RWs are charring the CD-R competition.

Wise Buys

Review of instant messaging solution NetLert, phone messaging system PHONEslips, and FileMaker Pro, database software.

Web Site

Get fast software updates at WindowsTracker

Promo Power

A little freebie goes a long way toward promoting customer and employee loyalty.

Toot Your Own Horn

Web site advertising for maximum eyeballs

Hard Copy

Xerox' WorkCenter XD125f Digital Copier/Printer

They Got Spirit, Yes, They Do

With the help of Students in Free Enterprise, these students at Flagler College started two businesses.

No Bull

Call it what you will. Nerve. Backbone. Cojones. A borderline-irrational mindset that overcomes you, as swiftly as a cyclone, not letting go until you've reached your targeted finish line.

Big Boost

Even though you've got a great idea, hurdles along the way can stop you dead. Find out how this entrepreneur bashed through the barriers to create a successful product.</P>

Aye, There's the Rub

The level of stress in the world today is at an all-time high. So why not start your own massage therapy company and offer a little relief to the tense-of-neck?

All The Right Moves

If you like working with kids, Kinderance International Inc. may be just the franchise opportunity you're looking for.

Staying Put

Home Instead Senior Care franchise

Scanned Heat

What's the one piece of business equipment you probably don't have but really need?

Beauty And The Lease

You can get almost anything you want to start your business from a leasing company. But is it really the way to go?

Cause And Effect

Have you ever heard of cause-related marketing? Maybe it's time you looked into it.

It's Easy Being Cheesy

There's a cheese craze in America and these entrepreneurs are getting their slice of the profits

2nd Annual High-Tech Hot Spots

High tech is not just the language of Silicon Valley anymore. There are 49 other hotbeds with your tech start-up's name written all over them.

Jump Ship

Nationwide, cubicle-bound techies are making the leap from tech exec to entrepreneur. Is it your turn?

On The Fly

After the lucrative jet-set crowd? Have you tried the airport?

Hard Sell

Your business is dead, but don't let the bank sell off the estate.

No Husband, No Loan

Is this a mistake or is the bank blatantly sexist?

Watch Out!

The government's going to pick the pocket of your mutual fund.

All Dried Up?

Sweeping changes in stock market bode ill for small-business financing-both public and private.

Pension Tension

Don't let your business's retirement plan get nabbed by the IRS.

On Foreign Soil

Congress is proceeding with a plan to allow U.S. exporters to establish foreign sales corporation in other countries.

Sticky Money

The Web catches customers. Why not use it to catch investors?

Healthy Choice

Entrepreneurs are: A) fit as a fiddle; B) keeping doctors in business; C) about to drop dead? The answer might surprise you.

A Thousand To One

Vending machines have been making money one dollar at a time for decades. Now, imagine a $1,000 model.

Fast Track

This entrepreneur's hot business idea taps into consumers' cravings for cold treats.

It Was in the Cards

All you used to do with sports cards was stick them in your bicycle spokes. Today, Red Barnes makes millions with 'em.

Literature To Lead By

How to be a 21st-century boss-and how it can go wrong

Tech Firms

An SBA site offers marketing opportunities.


Get answers to exporting questions.


Economic development and business financing rolled into one

East Meets West

Asian Americans have money, Net savvy and entrepreneurial fire. Media magnate Jeff Yang explains how to tap both their talent and dollars.

Passing The Torch

What businesses make the best family legacies?

Young At Art

I'm a teenager who wants to start an accessories business.

20/20 Foresight

You've got vision, but do you have the grit to use it?

Retirement Relief

Congress is making it easier for entrepreneurs to offer pensions.

No More Mr. Nice Ad

Cute doesn't cut it. To succeed, you've got to be more aggressive.

The Candy Girl Can

Who can take sugary classics and put them on the Net?

Credit For Kitties

"Hey," you mutter, "who bought $500 worth of catnip?"

Pizza Pleasers

Who says family and work can't co-exist?

What's New

The latest happenings at Tony Roma's and Gumbusters North America Inc.

One Degree Of Restoration

The first graduate of Servpro's new program is ready to clean house.

Renaissance Man

From retail to radio, this computer guy is in the know.

Before & After

Is Learning Express still strong, post-Beanie mania?

<i>Entrepreneur</i>'s Complete Guide To Software

You need software--everybody does--but there's so much of it to pick from. Luckily we're here to help.

Extreme Measures

You can put your snowboard back in the closet and drop out of the next street luge--it's time to put your money where your mouth is. Forget extreme sports: This is extreme <i>investing</i>.

Group Effort

Minorities in franchising: what works, what doesn't and what can be done about it

Alma Matters

College kids have a lifetime of buying left to do.

Don't Be A Grinch

Five great holiday gifts for your client

Wow Clients With Your Presentation

You don't want that sale to slip through your fingers, do you? Then put some panache into your presentation.

Riddle Me This

You've got questions, and <i>Entrepreneur</i>'s resident king of negotiations has answers.

Hold It . . . Hold It . . .

Capture the essence of your business success-the lighter the focus on your prospects and products, the better.

Doing Europe

She went, she saw, she came home with entrepreneurial success.

Wrap It Up!

Give the business traveler on your list the gift of gizmos.

Road Notes

New service from WebFlyerNet, JetBlue Airways and MapQuest.com

Business & Pleasure

Doing businesss in Breckenridge, Colorado

I'll Take A Ferrari, Please

Obviously, employees can't have any car they want, but options can't hurt.

The Tribe Has Spoken

Anybody can start a business . . . but not everybody makes it. Meet the <i>entrepreneurial </i>survivors.

Meet Me At The PC

Gather round the table . . . err, monitor.

Here A Chief, There A Chief

They're everywhere these days. Could there be more to a title than meets the eye?

Many Happy Returns

Your favorite former employees are back--catch 'em while you can.

Kid Cavalry

Employees are fighting a home-front battle with sick kids and lousy child care . . . and you can help.

Spraining Cats & Dogs

Fido broke a leg, but that's OK-your employees have pet insurance.

Fast Track

How one Internet marketing firm found a market of its own.

When Your Parents Want to Retire

When your parents are ready to leave the family business, be there to help them.

Stuck In The Middle

You're jammed between a court and a hard place. Get free with third-party mediation.

A Personal Touch

Make the most of your woman-to-woman, employee-to-employee relationships, and you'll make the most of your employees.

You Break It.

Don't pay for your contractor's mistakes.

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