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Entrepreneur Magazine: June 2002

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Birthday Present


Space Mission

Your work environment may be the most substantial part of your brand.

It Figures 06/02

The number of homes with computers, where companies get startup capital and more

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Whale Watching

If you have an employee named Shamu, you may already know this stuff. Otherwise, read on.

7(a) Deadly Sins

Loss of SBA loan money has fingers pointing--but who will solve the problem?

Flash 06/02

The ingenuity of hackers, a domain for kids and more

The Job That Never Ends

Beating the local business community's drum is a lot harder than it used to be.

Get Well Soon

Your business about to flatline? <I>Clear!</I>
Starting a Business

Pick Your Spot

Just because you can get a good deal doesn't mean that Swampland is a good location for your business.

Uncommon Currency

You really, really want a franchise. But you just don't have the money to buy one. Where can you turn? We hear franchisors have some tricks up their sleeves.

Tank You

For when your car is the only thing standing between you and gun-wielding maniacs

By the Book

A business plan that fits on a napkin? Not hard if you can make books fit in a wallet.

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