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April 2003

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April 2003

Entrepreneur | April 2003
April 2003
Entrepreneur Magazine

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

You bet it can--and in our 1st Annual Top 100 Entrepreneurial Colleges and Universities, we reveal which U.S. schools do it best.

Playing Favorites

Just what type of company is the apple of a venture capitalist's eye?

Identity Crisis

Make no mistake--business identity theft can happen to you if you're not careful.

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Leading Ladies

Women rule the marketplace, says one author. So why aren't ad-makers catching on?

Take It From Me . . .

A struggling entrepreneur gets growth advice from someone who's been there.

Squeezed Out?

Is there any room left for small businesses in federal contracting?

It Figures 04/03

How many people are using the Internet, customer service calls and more

Comic Belief

Is leadership really a crock? The creator of the comic strip <I>Dilbert</I> thinks so.

Package Deal

Take time to examine what the economic stimulus package might mean for your business.

Chief Concern

It's time to make an executive decision about whether your company needs a CFO.

Money Buzz 04/03

Long-term care insurance; why your state might not be included in the federal estate tax repeal

Sizing Up

Find big-time rewards in ultra-small-cap stocks.

The Burden of Borrowing

Your growing company could be hindered by hidden loan costs if you don't look ahead.

Shell Shock?

Surprise: Putting your nest egg in bonds may no longer be safe.

Hire Purpose

Bringing disadvantaged employees aboard has never been so rewarding--and we're not just talking about the tax credits you'll get.

Get Your Fix

Had enough of auctions? Fixed pricing could be just the thing your business craves.

Management Buzz 04/03

Energy consulting services; hiring your parents

Posh Picks

Drive down luxury lane with one of these swanky sedans.

Singing the Blues?

Then this band aid may be just what your lagging work force needs.

Second Wind

Entrepreneurs are giving their old computers new life with budget-friendly extras.

Fraction Action

Can't afford an entire jet? Try winging it with a piece of one.

Bette LaPlante & Diane Cuvelier

49, 43, co-founders of Doughmakers LLC in Terre Haute, Indiana

No Escape?

Even the Internet may not be able to avoid taxes.

Fat Chance

The skinny on marketing bad-for-you foods

The Winner's Circle

Times may be tough, but our 10th Annual Business Travel Award winners still make travel a pleasure.

Mechanically Inclined

These entrepreneurial robophiles take their business where no man has gone before.

Fun Money

Whether your passion is pottery, painting or playing video games, there's money to be made from your hobby.

Best of the Best

The 116 companies ranked the best in their categories in our 2003 Franchise 500 listing

Help Needed?

Does Uncle Sam owe entrepreneurs a helping hand, or should the government just get out of small business's way? Two experts face off.

In Case of Emergency

A smoke alarm or a life preserver may save your life, but they won't save your business. You need a real disaster plan now. Your business's survival depends on it.

What's New 04/03

A franchise that can change a car into a moving billboard

Tech Buzz 04/03

The new Intel Pentium 4; updates on the fight against spam

Double Duty

A multifunction printer could be just what your business needs to save space and money.

Cool Clicks 04/03

Getting to the next level in the game of entrepreneurship; business tips from the BBB

Gear 04/03

A high-speed hub; a camcorder for the palm of your hand

Hot Disks 04/03

Securing e-mail attachments, how your Palm can be your financial planner and more

Spring Cleaning

It's time to clear away the cobwebs and find out if your Web site is in good working order.

Data to Go

Grab your files-anywhere, anytime.

Go Retro!

Budget tight? What about a late-model PC that's only been driven around the block a few times?

It's in the Mail

How do you find the best mail order catalog for your product-and get it in the door?

A Room of One's Own

Finding office space on a budget just got a whole lot easier.

Trading Spaces

From start to finish, these "booth basics" will help you make the most of that first trip to the trade show floor.

Lights, Camera, Action

Airtime on home shopping networks gives your product a big boost.

We'll Drink to That!

Inspired by a popular diet, this team of health-conscious entrepreneurs are mixing up the cocktail world.

Going on Location

Despite a long, frustrating wait, Jack and Diane find the light at the end of the tunnel--the perfect franchise site.

Calling All Buyers

Here's your chance to get up to speed on the latest features in mobile-phone technology.

Franchise at First Sight

Entrepreneur meets his match in a dating service franchise

Got Junk?

Clean up by taking trash to a whole new level.

A Model Occupation

Who says you can't turn business into play? It's all in a day's work for these successful franchisee partners.

Legends for Hire

Using a famous face to attract prospects to your advertising campaign may not be a budget-busting proposition after all. You just need to find the right fit.

Shock Treatment

Shock value may grab attention, but it can put your company's image at risk. Science has a better way.

Homespun Wisdom

A designer's down-home hospitality pays off.

In High Spirits

How to get yourself and your business fired up from the inside out

Marketing Buzz 04/03

Promoting your toy store to singles; your outdoor advertising options

Go Major League

Score a success for your business by implementing team-selling tactics.

Mad Skills

Rage can be a powerful negotiating tool, but only if you practice a little anger management first.

Witness Protection

What will a new whistle-blower clause mean to you and the way you do business?

Ideas on Demand

You don't have to wait for inspiration.

Survival Mode

Job-seekers are taking "good for now" positions, but is it good enough for those who hire them?

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