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Entrepreneur Magazine: May 2004

Featured Article

The Sure Thing

Are existing franchise systems always a better bet than startups?

It Figures 05/04

What we buy online, why we eat what we do and more

Make Your Mark

Want to break into a market overrun with competitors? No matter how crowded the field, you can still come out in front.

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Hot Disks 05/04

Searching e-mail, file management and more

Restart Your Engine

Feeling low on fuel? Turn your bad mood around, and get back on the fast track to success.

Tech Buzz 05/04

Online spending, vendor upgrades and more

Smart Ideas 05/04

Decorator urn covers, prepaid debit cards and more

Gear 05/04

Wireless printing and networking

In the Money?

Financing your startup can be tricky. Learn the steps this entrepreneur took to polish his image for investors.

All You Can Eat

Say goodbye to per-minute long-distance charges and hello to bundled services.

Bright Idea

When this couple noticed a lack of outdoor illumination options, they decided to make light of the situation.

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