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January 2007

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January 2007

Entrepreneur | January 2007
January 2007
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2007 Franchise of the Year

They've come out on top of our rankings 15 times. Now Subway has its sights set on taking over the world.

Chart Art

Chart your company's success.

Women on the Rise

Focus, passion and lots of drive--that's what our woman of the year is made of.

Will Text for Food

One hungry entrepreneur found his calling making it easier than ever to order takeout.

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Replace Your PC and Improve Productivity

Your flabby PC is putting you at risk. It's time to slim down and tone up.

Ready for a Site Redesign?

Is one of your plans for the New Year to improve your website? Savvy e-tailers offer up their ideas for positive changes.

How to Use Online Surveys

Do them right, and online surveys can be very revealing.

The Latest in Flat-Panel Displays

Prices are falling on big-screen flat-panel monitors. All you have to do is choose one that offers the features your business needs.

Mix Masters

Friends since childhood, these former bartenders found success by making their products the all-natural life of the party.

Hold a Teleconference Anywhere

In your car, at your hotel, in the airport, at a trade show--this little gadget will let you hold a teleconference just about anywhere.

How to Keep Pay-Per-Click Fees Down

Pay-per-click arbitrage could be driving up the cost of your keywords.

Green Team

Thanks to this enterprising couple, more babies are sporting earth-friendly diapers.

Refreshing Ideas

Entrepreneurs take on the world's growing demand for pure water.

What's Next?

Looking for new trends? Check out the USPTO.

2007 Shape-Up

Take it from these experts--healthy choices benefit both your body and your bottom line.

Fiscal Fog

Don't know a loan from a line of credit? You're not alone--but we can help with a look at the most common financing myths.

Cause and Effect

A lean fundraising machine puts money where Billy Starr wants it: fighting cancer.

Broken Bridges

For entrepreneurs, the real trade barriers lie close to home.

Bling Your Business Cards

First impressions count, so give your business cards some style.

Whatcha Gonna Do?

Leaders know how to make tough decisions. How do they do it?

Better Than Ever

Resolve to take these experts' tips to heart in the new year.

Down to Business

The midterm election may bring changes for entrepreneurs.

Crystal Ball

Will 2007 be a good time to bust some business moves?

Trends in Web 2.0

What Google's acquisition of YouTube means for Web 2.0

Trucks That Are Just the Right Size

Ready for business, these trucks have space to haul it all.

Personalized Service Online

Avatars let your customers spread the word about you.

Ahead of the Pack

Gazelle 2.0 companies are growing by leaps and bounds.

Offbeat Franchises

Looking for a franchise that ventures off the beaten path? A "miscellaneous" franchise could be for you.

The Wide World of Franchisees

Today's franchise buyers are a diverse group--from corporate refugees to individuals born after The Beatles split up.

Franchise Funding Options

You can fund your new franchise in traditional ways--or you can get a little creative.

Find Your Franchise Match

When searching for the perfect franchise, look past the hype. Get out, do the legwork and ask the tough questions.

Eastward Ho!

Start your quest for a piece of the Chinese market.

Keeping Tabs

Steps to take to improve your cash flow.

Next Big Thing?

Franchising can take your business far and wide.

Growing Pains

Your company can't grow if you're still rooted in thinking small.

New Tax Laws for 2006 Filings

A breakdown of the new tax wrinkles for 2006 filings

Let Customers Rain In

Get out your umbrella--hiring a rainmaker can make profits pour.

Outside Job

Prepaid legal plans are a big help to smaller firms.

Mine, All Mine!

Think you should have complete control over your company? Think again.

Go for the Good

Help the world--and your biz--by doing the right thing.

The Tables Turn

Tired of looking for growth capital for your company? Focus on five fundamentals, and investors may come looking for you.

Cover Your Assets

Supplement your coverage with an umbrella policy.

Friendly Fund

This financial services fund might be one to bank on.

Teen Tax Alert

Changes in tax law could affect how much your kids are taxed.

Free Stock Trades for All

Brokerages offering free stock trades are nothing new, but thanks to one online upstart, the concept just might take flight.

Direct Access

Selling solutions straight to end-users brought this company back to life.

Breaking Ground

An entrepreneur uses a mother's touch to help keep workplaces safe.

Reconnect With Your Prospects

Don't wait to get back in touch with old prospects--now's the time!

What's in a Name?

Is a risqu� business name right for your business?

Using an Effective Media Mix

Your customers aren't sitting still, and neither should you. With an effective media mix, you can reach them morning, noon and night.

Put it in Neutral

Next time you're in a dispute, don't litigate--mediate.

Best of the Best

We've compiled the world's biggest and best franchise listing--now it's up to you to get started.

Business Challenges in 2007

What challenges will 2007 hold for your business? Nobody knows for sure, but our 2nd annual "Entrepreneurial Challenges Survey" gives you a glimpse into what entrepreneurs like yourself are anticipating.

Are You Franchisee Material?

We asked franchisors what they want in franchisees, and 4 qualities rose to the top. Find out if they're looking for you.

Hot Franchising Trends for 2007

Which types of franchises boast standout growth? Here's what's happening in the industry.

Making Your Marketing Message Stick

What keeps your message in the minds of consumers?

Taking Comfort to Go

No matter how far you roam, you can unwind on the road.

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