Entrepreneur Magazine: April 2007

Featured Article

Time Out

Never enough time? Practice these simple time management techniques, and get your life back in control.

Rising Stars

Introducing the top 50 new franchises of 2007.

Army of One

Extra hires won't help you grow, but franchisees could.

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It's All About You

Give yourself a boost by taking time to celebrate the most important aspect of your business: you.

Ready to Launch

Morph your invention from a concept into a company with these programs.

Play by the Rules

eBay regulations and guidelines keep buyers and sellers on the same page-of the rule book, that is.

Game Face

Two students brought video games to life with 3-D technology.

Toll Freedom

Making toll transponders more attractive.

Vend a Dog a Bone

Candy and soft drinks, move aside--vending machines are going to the dogs, thanks to one pet lover.

Making the Cut

Going from health care to hair care, an entrepreneur finds a new style.

Beating the Odds

Put the odds on your side with these 10 steps that (almost) guarantee startup success.

Loan Woes

Feel like you're signing your life away?