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January 2009

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January 2009

Entrepreneur | January 2009
January 2009
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The Best Things in Life are Free

We show how you can start, run and grow your business for, you guessed it, free.

Perfect Your Pitch

If you want to secure venture capital, avoid these 8 mistakes.

Solar Power for All

These brothers have set big goals, but that's the only way to make big change.

Get To Know Twitter

Microblogging is fast becoming the way to connect and keep up.

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Does Your Site Reflect Your Biz?

A website should be an online extension of your business.

Solutions to 4 Lost-Startup Problems

The honeymoon is easy. Once it's over, you have to meet problems head on.

Can You Handle the Investment Risk?

Make sure your risk tolerance and investment strategy align.

Keep Tabs on Cash Flow

If the money disappears, so does your business.

Is It Time To Sell?

The news is bleak, but in the right market and industry you can sell your business.

Best and Worst Marketing Ideas . . . Ever

Take a cue from these 13 killer campaigns--and 5 flops.

The Animoto Revolution

How this band of hipsters is taking photo sharing into the 21st century

Salaries Are In The Open

New websites let employees share pay rates; employers should take heed.

Those Who Plan Together, Travel Together

Social networking sites take some of the work out of business travel.

Love Where You Work

When considering a business location, think about more than regulations.

Where it's Greener

As sustainability becomes more important, these cities are setting the standard.

The Cost of a Price Hike

When it's time to add fees, be clear about what and why.

Gonna Be A Tough Year

Survive '09 by reducing expenses and watching cash flow.

A Sedan for Showing Off

Acura's latest luxury car combines gears and gadgets.

Walking the Employee Benefits Tightrope

In tough times, company perks tend to take the hit first. But how do you axe them while keeping employees happy?

Why I Finally Quit

One employee explains what drove him to resign.

Do Tech and Meetings Mix?

There comes a point when gadgets detract from meetings. Or does there?

Convert Your Contacts

Without a solid system for networking, what good are good connections?

Mac or PC?

Two business owners reveal why they like one system over the other.

Collaborate Virtually

Work together online with these new services.

Signing On Made Simple

OpenID reduces the number of passwords and user names you need.

Franchising Hot Spots

Which franchise categories hold the most promise for 2009? We break it down and give you the first look.

How are Franchisees Dealing?

The economy has many businesses in a slump. We spoke with several franchisees to see how they're overcoming obstacles.

The Anatomy of an FDD

We break down your most tedious--and valuable--franchise research tool into digestible bites.

How to Research a Franchise

One of the most important parts of buying a franchise is doing your homework. So get out there and grill the people who know the franchise best.

Subway Hits the Spot

The No. 1 franchise on our 30th Annual Franchise 500® marks some milestones of its own.

Top 10 Franchises for 2009

Here's how this year's biggest franchise players stack up.

10 Blogs to Write Today

If blogging is part of your marketing plan, get started on these ideas.

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