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Discover the latest news in cryptocurrency from mining to NFT blockchain technology, plus news on Bitcoin price updates, and what's happening in the Metaverse.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

How Crypto Education Can Transform Your Business

To reach mass-scale adoption, it's necessary to spread financial literacy for crypto assets and blockchain education.

Social Media

Oculus Founder Slams Mark Zuckerberg's 'Terrible' Metaverse

Meta has already slashed user growth goals for its primary metaverse platform, Horizon Worlds.

Science & Technology

Web3 Is Here to Stay — But Here are 2 Key Elements Holding It Back

Here are two key elements holding Web3 back from mainstream adoption.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

4 Tips for Companies Looking to Enter the Crypto Market

As the crypto industry is maturing, now is the perfect time to enter the market.

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Business News

The Fyre Fest Island Is Being Turned Into an NFT-Run Luxury Resort

Great Exuma in the Bahamas has remained nearly entirely vacant since the infamous Fyre Fest disaster in 2017.

Data & Recovery

What is Web3 and How Will it Impact My Business?

Web3 may seem too new for usability, but here are five ways it can transform your business.

Money & Finance

How This DeFi Platform Plans to Overhaul Traditional Finance

The CEO of RDX Works explains what DeFi is all about and how it is positioned to completely change how we deal with our personal finance.

Business Ideas

How Small Businesses Can Use the Metaverse to Increase Their Customers

The metaverse has endless potential in improving the returns and customer sales

Data & Recovery

They Say Web3 Is the Future of the Internet. But How?

The jury is still out on the usability of blockchain and Web 3.

Business News

A House Sold as an NFT for the First Time in History

The 3-bedroom abode is located in Columbia, South Carolina.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Most Web3 Marketing is Fake. Here's Why.

If you were around during the NFT bull run like me, you certainly felt intrigued at how "pictures of animals" were being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

How Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 Institutions Can Accelerate Mass Adoption

Mass crypto adoption is growing, and it's time for companies to step into crypto education for consumers.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

The Metaverse Is the Future of Business. Here's How to Plan for It.

Businesses will soon need professionals whose job is to create a presence and potentially build with Web3 technologies and concepts in the metaverse — and there's plenty that businesses can do now to prepare for that.

Business News

Popular Astrologer Under Fire For Working With Crypto Lender Celsius Network

Maren Altman parlayed her crypto and astrology expertise into a massive following. Now, people are attacking her online for making posts about the defunct startup Celsius.

Business News

The First-Ever Tweet in NFT Format Sold for $2.9 Million in March 2021. The Most Recent Bid Is $132.

A once-buzzy NFT faced yet another super-low bid on Sunday. It has lost almost 100% of its initial value.