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Jared Leto Is the Latest Celeb to Hop on the Entrepreneurial Bandwagon


Fresh off a career renaissance that culminated in an Academy Award win earlier this year, actor is the latest to hop on the entrepreneurial bandwagon.

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Jared Leto

The 42-year-old has tendered an in tech startup Zenefits, which handles human resources tasks such as benefits, payroll, health insurance and 401(k)s for small and medium-sized businesses. Zenefits is free to businesses; the company is paid by third-party providers for brokering their services.

Introduced to Zenefits by Box CEO , Leto "is expected to help with connections to the media and entertainment industries," The Wall Street Journal reports.

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"This incredible company is the future of H.R.," Leto told The New York Times. "They help us focus on people, creativity, and growing rather than paperwork."

The -headquartered company's series B round, led by , raised a total of $66.5 million, valuing the company at a reported $500 million.

In addition to a successful singing career, Leto has toyed with musical business ventures in the past. The Hive is a social media management agency whose aim is to foster deeper engagement between artists and their fans; The One and Only Golden Tickets arranges fan VIP experiences; and VyRT sells digital tickets to live-stream concerts.

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