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Seeking Alternative Investments? This Company is Making Sci-Fi Displays a Reality. With stylish, innovative AR/VR contact lenses and glasses, Innovega is making the future now.

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Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been carving out meaningful market niches for years. These markets are expected to grow to $67 billion by 2025. AR/VR is expected to drive massive new markets that offer smart investors an extremely valuable alternative investment opportunity.

Some of the world's leading CEOs see AR/VR as crucially important to how we will interact with media and computing in the future. In 2017, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his vision and his need: "We all want glasses or eventually contact lenses that look and feel normal but let us overlay all kinds of information and digital objects on top of the real world." And that's exactly what Innovega is doing. They're building smart contact lenses and glasses that deliver highest-performance AR/VR experiences.

What once seemed straight out of a sci-fi movie is fast becoming a reality thanks to companies like Innovega. If you're interested in alternative investment opportunities beyond the traditional stock market, now's the time to jump in. Innovega is currently accepting forward-thinking investors for only one more month.

What is Innovega?

Leaders at Facebook and other top tech companies expect us to eventually replace our smartphones with more stylish AR/VR glasses, and that we will use them in every aspect of our lives.

Hundreds of software developers are working on applications and content, and companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook are promising cloud-based AR and VR operating systems. Despite what is estimated as $10 billion of investment, none have been able to deliver the "normal" glasses or contact lenses that deliver on Mark Zuckerberg's vision. Innovega leads the way in developing a smart contact lens and display glasses combination that could remove roadblocks and enable these markets to finally soar.

Innovega's eMacula® system of soft disposable smart contact lenses and stylish, lightweight digital eyewear delivers unprecedented AR/VR performance and style, the company says. It's expected to replace bulky, socially-isolating headsets that today are our only means of experiencing VR, and with conventional eyewear styling that users enjoy. Innovega achieves this without sacrificing the high-resolution, panoramic content that users expect.

Innovega's patented iOptik® contact lenses also include the wearer's individual vision prescription to enable a clear view of their real world as well as access digital, online media.

Innovega's market.

As previously mentioned, the AR/VR market is forecasted to quadruple over the next few years and Innovega expects to be at the forefront of that growth, providing solutions to vision-impaired patients, to individuals in the workplace, and to mass markets that will blossom once the display eyewear they need and want is available.

While previous innovations have been confined to headsets and other bulky display eyewear that has restricted growth of AR/VR markets, Innovega's proprietary designs are set to put AR/VR growth back on track. With a patented portfolio of Enhanced Retina Technologies that cover the system of smart contact lenses and glasses, as well as contact lens components, display technologies, eye-tracking, novel camera modulation, and features for the visually impaired, Innovega is already primed to crack into a new and exciting market.

Why invest in Innovega?

Innovega is in the final month of crowdfunding, and now is arguably the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. The company has raised $15 million to date plus earned more than $2 million profit from $5.8 million in government contracts and grants, the company says. Innovega has completed the necessary pre-clinical testing and FDA 510(k) clinical trials are now underway. Innovega has a robust list of 48 U.S. and international patent cases including 23 issued patents protecting its iOptik® smart contact lens and eMacula® display system. Their expanded non-U.S. patent filings include Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, and Korea, providing an even larger launch market for Innovega's innovative display platform.

Invest alongside management and advisors who have played important roles in the success of global leaders such as Microsoft, AT&T, Intel, Bausch & Lomb, and others. This is the final month to invest. Check out Innovega today before the raise closes on November 12th.

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