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There's a Massive Corporate NFT Art Opportunity for Artists (Infographic) A new study shows that corporations don't want to be left behind in the digital art revolution.

By Entrepreneur Staff

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As headline after headline screams about the mindblowing sums of money being spent on NFTs featuring bored apes, cloud-based digital signage platform Yodeck wondered if this is just a passing fad or if it could be the start of a lucrative and reliable stream of income for artists.

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Yodeck surveyed 400 business owners, consultants and employees who are responsible for purchasing art and decor for the companies they work for, asking a range of questions ranging from their interest level in purchasing NFTs to their knowledge of blockchain in general. The results of the survey (see below) indicate that although there still is a lot of uncertainty and confusion about the NFT space, the business world is definitely interested and eager to know more. Artists, break out those pixels.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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