3 'Smart' Apps That Will Get Everyone Talking Need a new, creative online way to kill time? Here are three good ones.

By Dipti Parmar

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Picture yourself in the metro or on a bus, facing a long trip home and wondering what to do: You're tired of tweeting; you're not up to a Snapchat; and your temporary transit neighbor has his earphones plugged in. What's more, nothing outside your window seems likely to hold your attention. So, what now?

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The answer is three mind-blowing apps that will not only help you kill time but help you boost your productivity and skills. So, grow up, uninstall those teenage-style car-chase games and check out these apps right away.


If you're looking for brain-improvement games that help you improve your cognitive and comprehension skills, communication skills, math skills, processing speed, focus and memory, Elevate is just the app for you.

It was designed with assistance from neuroscience experts who had conducted extensive scientific research on cognitive learning. Elevate's brain-training algorithms train your brain to focus and learn, based on your personal abilities, so you personalize your training program and can set the pace of training. People using this app more than three times a week have reported a boost in skills and confidence.

Elevate has more than 30 games that improve all-round skills. Detailed performance analysis allows you to see how well you are faring in the different challenges presented; and a calendar helps you commit to this unique brain workout. The app also integrates with Apple Watch, so you can track your performance even there.


TimeDrop is a color-matching game that teaches you a thing about science and evolution. If you are a Big Bang and evolution enthusiast, you probably already know all about water and rocks and time-travelling.

What's more, it's said that matching games comprise the building blocks of cognitive skill development. Many curriculums use color and shape-matching to impart skills for math, science, language and reading. According to educational consultant Ellen Booth Church, "When a child learns to discern the similarities and differences between colors and shapes, [he or she] uses the same skills to recognize the differences between letters and numerals." This is cognitive skill development.

Cognitive skill development can help you evaluate, establish, arrange and channel your focus and attention. It's a skill set that can further help you in life by improving your ability to analyze and comprehend real-life situations. For instance, in real life we are perennially swimming in a sea of knowledge, but how do we cut through the clutter and connect the dots?

Cognitive skills acquired through color-matching games improve the brain's ability to "connect the dots." Improved cognitive skills further advance productivity. So, this game will be your perfect companion when you're looking for short respites from work or the boredom of a long trip. TimeDrop is also definitely addictive, thanks to the burst of vibrant colors and the reward of free coins you get from time to time!

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When you grow bored of playing games and solving math puzzles, try Rounds. Rounds is a video-chatting app that allows you to connect with friends and family through video conferencing.

It comes with funny chat-effects that make talking with friends really fun. But the most important part is it allows you to share and watch YouTube videos with friends and co-hobbyists who share similar passions.

For instance, if you are watching a fitness or recipe video over YouTube, along with people in your group who share similar interests, you all can exchange notes over videos and pick up a thing or two you might have missed.

The app has been downloaded over 350,000 times and has a 4.2 rating on Google Play. It is also available on iTunes.

Parting thoughts

Thought leaders can't stress enough how important it is to boost our skills and improve our productivity. Cognitive psychologists have claimed that working memory is the most important cognitive predictor of fluid intelligence. Of the three apps presented here, Elevate helps improve working memory and the other two can help improve skills development.

In a nutshell, these three apps are the next best thing after brain and skill-development courses. They're designed to help people effectively and systematically use technology to become ever more effective by improving their focus and skills. They do this by leveraging the most progressive mobile technology to channel cognitive science.

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If technology has ever helped us to improve ourselves, it's through these apps. Seeking some real brain challenges and skills development? Try these apps now.

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