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GE to Launch Connected Lightbulbs That Better Echo Your Body's Circadian Rhythms


With the release of two new lightbulbs, General Electric is hoping to bring nature's lighting cycles inside your home. Dubbed C by GE, the collection includes two new bulbs: C-Life and C-Sleep.

The C-Sleep bulb is meant for your bedroom and automatically casts different hues throughout the day in order to "support your body's natural sleep cycle -- for calmer nights and more vibrant mornings," according to the company. There are three shade settings, The Verge reports: "a bright blue to wake you up in the morning, a standard orange tone for midday, and a softer yellow color for the evening."

C-Life, on the other hand, only provides the standard midday orange tone, and is meant to be placed throughout the home.

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In a major push toward the connected home by the electric giant, both Bluetooth-connected bulbs can be controlled with a mobile device. Using a proprietary GE app for Android and iOS, consumers can instantly adjust the brightness of individual bulbs or groups of bulbs at the same time.

GE will begin selling the bulbs, which it says last for 20 years, directly to consumers via its own website in January. Representing the company's first venture into ecommerce, a starter pack containing four bulbs (two of each) will cost $50.

While "the link between light and melatonin production is well accepted in the scientific community," according to GE, it certainly isn't the first company to foray into connected bulbs. There are already models on the market, for instance, that stream music and even adjust as you watch television shows. GE also vends a line of connected bulbs called Link that it created alongside the now-bankrupt invention platform Quirky.

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