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How a Terrible Motorcycle Accident Led to a Business Built on Relieving Pain

Dr. Jason Wersland describes his invention, the Theragun, and provides inspiration for entrepreneurs.

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Dr. Jason Wersland is the co-founder, creator, and Head of Performance Development for Theragun. His percussive massage therapy device relieves pain and helps your body move. He invented the Theragun as a solution after a motorcycle accident left him in constant agonizing pain and now the device has been adopted for use by everyone from athletes to weekend warriors looking for muscle relief and recovery.


Clinic Director of NYC Sports and Spine, Dr. Nicholas J. Rozborski explains, "The vibration of the device adds a therapeutic component to decrease muscle soreness and gives proprioceptive effects to the nervous system."

Put more simply, as a 40-year-old who enjoys CrossFit, I can tell you: this thing is a game-changer.

After speaking with Dr. Wersland about the Theragun technology and transition to in the space, here is what I learned:

Developing a work ethic

"My first job was working in a field for a local farmer picking fruits and vegetables. I would start at 5 a.m. and work until it was too hot, usually around 2 p.m. It's crazy to think about now, but I learned back then that and consistency will derive success and that those principles will help me succeed in any of my endeavors.

"I founded Theragun in 2008 after I realized that this thing I was using to treat my injury and pain actually had many other uses. Forget the first few months... the first few YEARS were very very tough. This science was so new it took a lot of hard work, sacrifice and consistency to get it into the world. But it was worth it. Every time I use the Theragun on someone new, I see the way they feel. It never gets old making people smile."

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How it works

"Theragun Percussive Therapy (TPT) increases blood flow, prevents and eliminates adhesions, stimulates tissue remodeling, reduces pain and sensitivity to stretch, enhances balance and strength and calms and relaxes the body. These factors allow for immediate tension relief and can even help improve your sleep.

"TPT uses a mechanical device that delivers a percussive force to a localized area via different attachments. The ability for people to treat themselves is one of the key reasons I created the first device."

Advice for other entrepreneurs

"Have a purpose-driven mission. As an entrepreneur, you will come across so many challenges and setbacks. Some people never get over that hurdle if there's no mission, passion or purpose propelling them forward. I wake up every day wanting everyone in the world to live a healthy life with less pain and tension. I proceed to think about how many lives we've been able to change and all the people that still need that relief, there's no better than that!

"Additionally, focusing on mental toughness, health and fitness always provided me with the drive and energy I needed to chase my goals. With that in mind, my advice would be to find an outlet to help unwind your body and mind outside of the workplace. This could be working out, making art or music, or just having great experiences with family and friends.

"Finally, it's very important to trust and envision the possible results of your hard work. Convincing yourself about your future success will make a difference!"

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What to expect in the future

"The future of entrepreneurship is going to include technology, innovation, and convenience. Although new entrepreneurs will face modern challenges, technology and possibilities are more expansive then ever before. The future looks excellent for anyone willing to pay the price -- hard work, passion and consistency will get you through almost anything."

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You can keep up to date with Dr. Jason Wersland on Instagram @drjasonwersland.

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