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I've Finally Found My New Favorite Wireless Earbuds

Great wireless earbuds at a great price

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This article was written by Brittany Loggins


I don't know if you are familiar with the experience of wearing wireless earbuds that keep falling out—especially when you are moving around while on the phone or on a run—but I certainly have.

This can be especially frustrating when you are working since the last thing you want to deal with is your headphones. That said, I'm committed to the wireless component of earbuds. I just think it makes them easier to wear, so much so that I will often forget that they are ears in when I'm wearing them while working and typing away. In my opinion, wireless earbuds are truly the best headphones for working and multitasking.

Because I like them so much, I have made it a point to try a few different brands. What I have found in the past is that I am always sacrificing something when it comes to earbuds. Either the sound could use a little work or the battery life suffers drastically. I have even found a couple of brands that check those boxes and then pop out of my ears or aren't waterproof, which makes them impossible to use if you want to workout due to sweat. I have also found that all of the earpieces that are supposed to make earbuds fit better never quite work well enough to actually hold them in my ears.

The AirBlast earbuds that changed my game.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, the AirBlast Pro Wireless Earbuds are amazing. They sound great, thanks to their HiFi sound quality, which makes for a rich, deep base that sounds like the kind of quality you would expect from much larger or even noise-proof over-the-ear headphones. The AirBlast earbuds also truly last all day long–or at least for eight entire hours. I constantly find myself leaving them in when I am working so that I can easily switch from listening to music or a podcast to hopping on a call. The sound and microphone are also great-quality–I never feel like I am experiencing any sort of echo or like I am having to shout to be heard.

Since I have shelled out some cash and some time in testing different pairs of earbuds or headphones over the years, I truly could not believe the pricing for these and I would honestly pay so much more. Right now, three pairs of the AirBlast Pro Earbuds are only $74.99 when you use the code ANNUAL15. Originally, these headphones were $599 a piece, so I was pretty excited to see the discount. You even get more of a discount if you purchase more pairs of headphones.

One reviewer even noted that she "bought one for myself, my husband and my daughter, and I have an extra one for a gift," so it's the perfect way to prep for holiday or office-friendly gifts. I even keep a pair in the bag that I typically bring along for travel, as well as my purse that I carry on a day-to-day basis. They are so compact that they are easy to take along with you everywhere.

The battery lasts forever.

I have definitely used earbuds that have the problem of not holding a charge for very long at all. Worse yet, I have even used some that will lose their charge in just one headphone while the other one is still bopping away. This has not been my experience with the AirBlast headphones.

Not only does the battery last up to eight hours, when I forget to charge them and they are sitting completely dead, I can get three hours of usage out of them after just one hour of charging. Since I am constantly forgetting to fully charge them, this feature has been a life-saver that comes in clutch, especially when I am traveling and just need enough entertainment to get me through a short flight. This is also a great feature if you just need enough of a charge to get you through one conference call before you can let them charge again.

You can also opt to use just one headphone at a time, which is great if you want to truly make sure that you hear everything that's going on around you. The AirBlast headphones come with a case that charges them when they are placed inside.

The features are almost as amazing as the price.

In addition to sounding amazing, they have an operating distance of 49 feet, which I've loved while working from home. I can leave them in while I walk to the kitchen or living room for a break. They are also water-resistant, which I've loved for workouts so that I never have to worry about sweating or having them fall out into a puddle. You also never have to worry if it starts to rain on your run.

Since the AirBlast headphones also come with a case that charges, it allows you to use one headphone at a time. While one is in your ear, the other one will be charging up so that you can switch, so that it's ready when you want to fully zone out and immerse yourself in music or a podcast.

Having the option to wear them individually or as a pair is great if you want to hear what's going on in your surroundings while staying involved in a conference call. I have also found that I use this feature regularly when traveling because I can stay aware of announcements when I'm stuck at the gate or the snack cart when I'm on the plane.

If you order now, you can still get 15 percent off the sale prices of each pack with coupon code ANNUAL15. Get a 1-pack of AirBlasts for $25.49 (a savings of 87 percent), a 2-pack for $46.74 (a savings of 76 percent), or a 3-pack for $63.74 (a savings of 89 percent)–the most bang for your buck! Go ahead and get enough to put in every bag or to give as gifts.

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