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LensHD Is the Automatic Glasses Cleaner You've Been Waiting For

If your tees and microfiber cloths don't cut it anymore, LensHD might put an end to those pesky smudges once and for all.

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Ever had a hard time cleaning your glasses?


Of course you have. Even if you don't wear glasses, you know someone who does, and most likely, you understand the pain of keeping eyeglasses clean. You know that regardless of how hard you try with alcohol wipes, lens cleaning cloths, and cleaning spray, there's always a smudge or two left behind.

Cleaning dirty eyeglasses is a universal problem experienced by over 4 billion people worldwide who wear glasses, but LensCleaner found a solution. The New Jersey-based company, previously part of the Cardlax Team, shows signs of being a promising investment with 3,000 backers and over $300,000 in funding on Kickstarter. Its latest product, the LensHD automatic glasses cleaner, aims to solve the universal annoyance of constantly dirty glasses by automatically cleaning lenses of all shapes and sizes.

After placing the glasses into the device, your specs are cleaned with four soft, microfiber-wrapped sponges rotating in an off-centered rotation pattern. This unique, off-centered rotation pattern simulates the comprehensive human cleaning pattern and ensures the glasses are fully cleaned, including around the edges, the company says. Conveniently charged with a USB Type-C cable, your device is always ready to get glasses spotless.

The aforementioned sponges have been thoroughly tested and are proven not only tough enough to remove even the most stubborn and sticky dirt on glasses but also gentle enough never to scratch the lenses.

The company put LensHD through the wringer, improving the product until it was sure it had a device that would put to rest the issue of irritating dirty glasses once and for all. 15 designs, more than 20,000 run cycles, and over 100 pairs of glasses later, the result is a machine that has your glasses looking spotless in only a minute.

LensHD could disrupt the prescription eyewear industry for billions of glasses wearers across the globe. By removing one of the biggest pain points that comes with owning glasses as opposed to contact lenses or Lasik, it's no wonder LensHD has surpassed its original funding goal by more than 300 percent.

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