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Save $600 on This Solar Generator for Your Home for Cyber Week

Stay connected through power outages with this solar generator.

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Entrepreneurs know they always have to have a plan. But when things don't go according to that plan, you also have to be ready to adapt on the fly. Working from home, you know things can go array pretty quickly. From the kids being a little too rowdy to needing to run emergency errands, it's easy to get knocked out of a groove. But one thing you can't fully prepare for is a power outage.


As we get into winter, you can't afford to lose your internet for long periods of time at home. So ensure you always have a backup plan with the Generark Solar Generator: HomePower ONE + SolarPower ONE. For Cyber Monday, it's on sale for just $1,119.20 (reg. $1,897) with code CMSAVE20.

This solar generator is arguably one of the most reliable, versatile, and portable emergency power supplies for your home that you'll find. The Generark has earned 4.5 stars on Amazon and includes a HomePower ONE backup battery power station and SolarPower ONE portable solar panels. Together, they provide a continual emergency power supply to operate home appliances and charge your devices in the event of an emergency.

The power station has a 1,002Wh power capacity, enough to power your essentials for up to seven days, the company says. It has three AC outlets, two USB-C outlets, two USB-A outlets, and a car outlet to truly cover all of your power needs in the event of an outage. You can also easily recharge the station from your car, AC outlet, or with the included SolarPower ONE solar panel.

The solar panel has an ultra-high 200W power output to quickly recharge your power station and has monocrystalline solar cells for 50 percent higher energy conversion over traditional solar cells. It takes just 30 seconds to set up and is durable enough to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Don't get derailed by a power outage. During our Cyber Monday Sale, you can get the Generark Solar Generator: HomePower ONE + SolarPower ONE for more than $600 of at $1,119.20 when you use you promo code CMSAVE20.

Prices are subject to change.

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