The Best 27-Inch Computer Monitors of 2021 The additional screen space means a monitor is a must-have for serious office productivity, gaming, and movie watching.

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Whether for your office or home office, dorm or game room, having the right computer peripherals is essential. Not only will you want a great laptop or desktop, but you'll need the proper accessories too. Because of the additional screen space, a monitor is a must-have for serious office productivity, gaming, and movie watching.

Although laptops offer unrivaled portability, typically the largest screen size available is about 17 inches. For working at a desk, a bigger monitor provides ample screen real estate, which is useful for work multi-tasking, gaming or enjoying multimedia. Therefore, regardless of whether you're using a laptop, desktop, or both, a monitor is recommended.

PC monitors are available in all sizes. But 27 inches is a sweet spot that's large enough to allow for multiple windows but compact enough to comfortably view while sitting at a desk. Previously, we broke down the best printers for Chromebooks. And now we're here to help you find the best 27-inch monitor to fit your computing needs.

Best Overall: Razer Raptor 27 ($600)
Best for Work: Asus ProArt Display ($364)
Best Under $200: Sceptre E275W-FPT ($162)
Best 1440p Model: Alienware AW2721D ($800)
Best 144Hz Monitor: BenQ Mobiuz EX2710 ($262)
Best Curved Display: Dell S2721HGF ($250)


Best Overall: Razer Raptor 27 ($600)

The Razer Raptor is a terrific 27-inch computer monitor. An IPS display featuring a 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution, the Raptor boasts excellent color accuracy. There's an ultra-low 1ms response time, making it a great gaming monitor.

It's available in two variants: a 144Hz refresh rate version and a 165Hz refresh rate iteration. Capable of handling AMD's FreeSync as well as Nvidia G-Sync, the Razer Raptor is a solid choice for gamers. Additionally, its 95% DCI-P3 color gamut and HDR400 support deliver brilliant, accurate colors. As such, the Raptor is a good choice for creatives seeking a monitor for photo or video editing.

There's a generous selection of ports including an HDMI input, DisplayPort, USB-C with DisplayPort upstream and USB Type-A with downstream power delivery. Razer's Chroma RGB LEDs adorn the bottom of the monitor's stand. With up to a 165Hz refresh rate, a 1440p resolution, IPS panel and top-notch color accuracy, the Razor Raptor is the best overall 27-inch computer monitor on the market.


Best for Work: Asus ProArt Display ($364)

The Asus ProArt Display PA278CV offers great bang for your buck. With a 2450 x 1440 1440p resolution, the ProArt provides good color accuracy and a spectacular overall feature set. The stand is adjustable which makes setup a breeze.

Impressive 100% sRGB and 100% rec.709 color coverage make the Asus ProArt a vibrant display. Its stand provides plenty of adjustments including height, tilt, pivot and swivel functionality. As such, you can set up the ProArt any number of ways on a desk.

A plentiful port selection includes USB-C, USB Type-A, DisplayPort and HDMI. There's even a DisplayPort output. With a 75Hz refresh rate, the PA278CV works well for light gaming.

While the Asus ProArt lacks HDR, it works just fine for office productivity and multimedia use like watching videos. Ultimately, it's a fantastic 27-inch monitor that doesn't compromise on quality but won't break the bank.


Best Under $200: Sceptre E275W-FPT ($162)

At under $200, the Sceptre E275W-FPT is a terrific no-frills 27-inch monitor. With its IPS panel, the E275W-FPT yields punchy, lifelike colors thanks to its 99% sRGB color gamut. The 75Hz refresh rate proves suitable for casual gaming.

You'll find a pair of HDMI ports, a VGA port, an audio input and an audio-out jack. There's a 1080p resolution for a crisp, clean image. A pair of speakers come built-in.

Blue light shift reduces the Sceptre's blue light production, which cuts down on eye strain. Despite a low price tag, the affordable Sceptre E275W-FPT punches well above its weight class as an extremely competent budget-priced monitor.


Best 1440p Model: Alienware AW2721D ($800)

With a 240Hz refresh rate, the Alienware AW2721D is the best 1440p 27-inch PC monitor on the market. Its 2560 x 1440 resolution is crisp, while an IPS panel ushers in brilliant colors and wide viewing angles.

Sporting Nvidia G-Sync certification, the Alienware AW2721D is a great gaming monitor. There are loads of ports including a pair of HDMI jacks, a DisplayPort, LED light bar, USB 3.2 headers, a headphone jack and audio-out jack.

A 1ms response time coupled with high refresh rates means the Alienware AW2721D works flawlessly for PC gaming. What's more, the AW2721D includes variable refresh rate (VRR) support. For 1440p gaming, multimedia or office productivity, Alienware's AW2721D is a fantastic choice.


Best 144Hz Monitor: BenQ Mobiuz EX2710 ($262)

BenQ's Mobiuz EX2710 is a spectacular 144Hz monitor. The IPS panel has a full high-definition 1080p resolution. There's HDR onboard. In addition to the ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate, the Mobiuz EX2710 has a low 1ms response time. Therefore, it makes a great budget gaming monitor.

A pair of 2.5W stereo speakers are built-in. Trevolo's TrueSound delivers improved audio performance when compared with most monitor built-in speakers. You can connect multiple devices such as computers or game consoles using the EX2710's dual HDMI inputs and single DisplayPort.

Since the BenQ Mobiuz rocks an IPS panel, it features excellent color accuracy alongside wide viewing angles. AMD's FreeSync makes PC gaming a real treat. Overall, the BenQ Mobiuz is a reasonably priced 27-inch computer monitor that performs incredibly well.


Best Curved Display: Dell S2721HGF ($250)

While flat panels may be the most common on desks and in offices, a curved display features several benefits. Notably, a curved monitor is more immersive than a traditional flat screen, is easier on the eyes and ushers in a wider field of view. Dell's S2721HGF is a lovely curved gaming display, and the best 27-inch curved monitor for most users.

Yielding a 1080p native resolution and 144Hz refresh rate as well as AMD FreeSync compatibility, the S2721HGF is a top-notch curved 27-inch monitor. NVIDIA's G-Sync is also supported for limiting screen tearing and stuttering.

Dual HDMI ports, a DisplayPort and headphone jack come built-in. The stand tilts and adjusts for flexible positioning. Image quality is terrific. An all-around capable monitor, the Dell S2721HGF is just as comfortable gaming as it is for watching movies, video or audio editing, displaying spreadsheets and presentations or just about anything else you can think of.

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