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The Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs Make Concerts So Much More Enjoyable

Concerts are more fun when I can control the volume.

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This article was written by Nick Perry


When I was under the age of 10, I hated 4th of July fireworks. They were so loud, they felt like someone was screaming directly into my adolescent eardrums. Worse yet, I was just blossoming into awareness of social stigma and the laughs from my peers when I shoved foam earplugs deeper into my ears and looked away from the exploding lights to make them seem less real. Very embarrassing stuff.

I eventually outgrew the fear of fireworks and my ears became less sensitive, but they didn't become insensitive. I've always struggled with the volume in noisy public places, be they bars, clubs, sporting events, or concerts. When all of my friends in high school started souping up their cars with subwoofers and impossibly loud speakers and insisted on turning them to 11 every single morning, it made me seriously evaluate my friendships. But ultimately, I've always just sucked it up, shouted, and asked people to repeat themselves over and over.

It's not like I'm going to wear those embarrassing foam earplugs out in public. And I'm definitely not cleaning my earwax off reusable plugs every single time I use a pair delivering diminishing marginal returns.

Instead, I've gotten smarter since I discovered the Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs.

Control your environment's volume.

Vibes earplugs were made explicitly for people like me: Those who struggle with the volume of concerts, bars, and sporting events but who absolutely refuse to stop going. They're a savior from ourselves.

Have you ever felt like you're just not having fun at a concert or bar because your head won't stop pounding from the volume of the music? Did you ever get so sick of straining to hear the person next to you and screaming yourself hoarse that you were actually sort of relieved that social isolation became a thing? I was definitely at that point after spending a little too much time on the music scene in 2019.

When everything opened back up, I was excited, but also a little anxious to get back out into those noisy environments. Fortunately, Vibes helped me out.

The discreet, hi-fi earplugs are designed to not just lower the decibels of your environment, but also enhance sound clarity. They've been shown to provide approximately 22dB reduction across frequencies while better balancing sound waves so you can hear everything clearly.

Unlike traditional foam earplugs, Vibes are designed using special sound tubes that create an enjoyable, balanced listening experience rather than a confusing semi-quiet hellscape where you're just constantly confused by what's going on around you. Vibes filter specific frequencies to deliver the best possible listening experience safely to your ears. From The Black Keys wailing to the Red Sox run music to that cute girl at the bar telling you to leave her alone after that terrible joke you made about her heels, Vibes ensure everything comes through clearly. Which is great, because you won't start answering people's questions with the completely wrong words. It can save you a whole lot of potential embarrassment.

Best of all, with Vibes, the more you buy, the more you save. The individual pack is normally $26, but is on sale during Entrepreneur's Semi-Annual Sale for $16 with code ANNUAL15. The two-pack, however, is normally $53 and on sale for just $32.29 with promo code ANNUAL15 for a limited time.

Seen on Shark Tank, appreciated in ears.

Vibes was founded by Jack Mann, an avid concertgoer who loved to watch and play music in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minn. Unfortunately, after one fateful gig, he ruptured an eardrum. Rather than just quit music and get mad at the volume of the world, he realized the music industry was overlooking something important: ear protection.

Doctors told Mann he had to wear foam earplugs while he played from then on, which he didn't take a liking to. Despite about 440 million people worldwide at risk of hearing damage due to live entertainment, foam earplugs is the best technology can do. So, he went to work creating Vibes.

Shortly after launching in 2016, Mann caught the eye of ABC's Shark Tank — that show where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to a collection of high-value venture capitalists known as sharks. They invited him to apply and, within weeks, Mann had his opportunity to make a ten-minute pitch on the show.

There, shark Kevin O'Leary took a liking to Vibes and he offered Mann $100,000 for a 35 percent stake of the company. Just like that, the earplugs took off. Mann used this investment to scale Vibes' production and marketing efforts and reach people like me who refuse to succumb to the torments of our sensitive ears.

Vibes are the ideal earplugs not just because they reduce and improve sound clarity, but because of how reusable they are too. The washable eartips make them easy to reuse over and over while the subtle design ensures nobody is going to give you weird looks. They're comfortable and durable so you can wear them for hours without even realizing they're in there. If you have a tendency to party a little too hard, you can also use the attachable cords to keep them securely around your neck if they fall out while you're dancing on tables. All of that is pretty much the opposite of clunky, uncomfortable, disgusting foam earplugs.

Buy more, save more.

Innovation comes for everything, including foam earplugs.

If you're like me, you hate screaming to be heard at crowded events almost as much as you hate leaving the event with a buzzing in your ears. Stop doing it to yourself. The Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs are a simple, low-cost solution that will genuinely make going out more enjoyable. You might even be able to have a real conversation at the club.

And remember, when you buy more, you save more. You can get the individual pack for just $16 (38 percent off) when you use promo code ANNUAL15, but you can also get a two-pack for just $32.29 with ANNUAL15, which is 40 percent off.

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