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This Device Makes Creating Voice Memos Easy

Record notes, conferences, and more with a pocket-sized device.

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You've probably seen doctors in real life or on medical shows use recorders to take notes for later reference. You're an entrepreneur, not a doctor, but that doesn't mean you aren't looking for ways to improve your productivity. While taking voice notes probably isn't going to save a life in your case, it could save you time and help you retain a lot more important information. With the 64G Mini Voice Activated Recorder, it's easy to take voice notes quickly so you can access your ideas any time.


This pocket-sized recording device fits in your pocket, bag, or purse and comes with a high-capacity battery that charges up in less than two hours. The device stores up to 750 hours of audio on a 64GB drive and offers up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge.

More importantly, the 64G is equipped with digital noise reduction technology and 360º panoramic recording to capture clear, natural audio recordings that let you record even in noisy environs like conferences. You don't have to click a button or anything to start recording; the clever device starts recording as soon as it recognizes that you're speaking and stops recording when you stop speaking. (Of course, you can still turn it off if you're worried it's going to start recording when you're having a conversation.) There's no extra software required to playback your audio; just connect the headphone jack included in the package and listen to your notes in a jiffy.

Have you ever been in an important conversation or a meeting and wished you took more dutiful notes? Well, now you don't have to worry because this clever voice recorder will do it for you. Grab the 64G Mini Voice Activated Recorder on sale for 24 percent off $52 at just $39.99.

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