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This Ingenious NFC Wooden Block Bypasses Annoying Wifi Passwords

This wooden block is exactly what every office needs.

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When you climb Mount Kilimanjaro someday on an executive leadership trip, you'll gain a great appreciation for the porters who help you set up camp along the way. The next time you're in a busy transportation hub or at a friend's house and need to get online to respond to an important email, you'll develop the same appreciation for Wifi Porter.

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Wifi Porter is a little wooden puck that simplifies getting online. This NFC-enabled device allows you to bypass the annoyance of having to write down and copy Wifi passwords to get online. (Or the hassle of having to continually tell people your own password.) With Wifi Porter, you can just tap your Android or iOS phone and you're instantly online without entering a password. It fits comfortably in your pocket so you can add it to your everyday carry, especially when you know you'll be connecting to a new network during the day. Plus, it's gotten top reviews on site like MakeUseOf and ProductHunt for its ease-of-use and sleek design.

Setting it up is simple. Tap your Android to your Wifi Porter or scan the QR code with your iPhone camera and Wifi Porter receives the network information automatically. No need to install any additional apps.

Change your life by doing away with the annoying hassle of remembering and doling out passwords. Wifi Porter will be the best $40 you've ever spent.

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