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This Voice-Activated Recorder Is Perfect for In-Person Offices

Don't miss another note in another meeting.

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After a few years of virtual meetings and Zoom calls, we're spending more time working in person. As the world gets back to a new normal, you might find you're a little out of the swing of things as far as taking notes and paying attention in meetings goes.


That's alright, you can give yourself an assist with this Mini Voice Activated 64GB Recorder. Whether you're meeting with potential clients or merely an observer in a full-team sync, this pocket-sized recording device will help you record the meeting for easy access to more than just the minutes. The high-capacity 230mAh rechargeable battery offers up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge and 145 hours of recording capacity, with 64GB of memory that stores up to 750 hours of high-quality files. And that's all on a practical device that fits easily into your wallet, pocket, or purse.

The intuitive recorder provides crystal clear, noise-free, 360º panoramic recording thanks to digital noise reduction technology. That ensures you can capture natural voice or audio recordings absolutely anywhere you need to record. There is no extra software needed to listen to recordings either — just connect the headphone jack and start listening.

Perhaps coolest of all, with the voice-activated mode, your recorder will start recording as soon as it recognizes a voice and stops when it's quiet so you don't miss a thing in the meeting while optimizing your storage space. It's like having a personal assistant taking the most meticulous notes you've ever seen all the time.

When you return to the office, make sure you're fully equipped to do your best work. Right now, you can get this Mini Voice Activated 64GB Recorder for 24% off $52 at just $39.99. Grab it while supplies last.

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