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We Took a Tour of Samsung's Cool Tech-Infused Space in NYC


Tech giant Samsung just opened up a new interactive flagship space in downtown Manhattan called Samsung 837. Officially open to the public this week, Entrepreneur was given a tour around the new space by Zach Overton, vice president and general manager of Samsung 837, who describes the new venture as a "cultural hub."

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Aiming to show visitors how its products can be infused into eight "passion pillars" -- wellness, sports, art, music, entertainment, fashion, technology and culinary -- the multi-level experience is equal parts performance and event space, gallery, café, showroom and customer-service help desk. There are also plans to partner with local institutions such as the Whitney Museum and the Highline.

So step right up and take a look inside Samsung 837.

Nina Zipkin

Big screen

During its first week open to the public, the Samsung 837 will be hosting film screenings and an Oscars viewing party in a theater that boasts of "the world’s largest multimedia display."

Nina Zipkin

Art gallery

Customers can look forward to art installations with a technological bent. The first exhibition, "Social Galaxy," comes from design studio Black Egg and is an interactive way to look at your social-media presence.

Nina Zipkin

Studio space

When you walk in, your eye is drawn to a glass-walled music and DJ studio for interviews and podcasts. Downstairs next to the theater is an editing bay.

Nina Zipkin

Virtual reality

There is a VR tunnel that simultaneously syncs up a virtual reality experience for up to 200 people and there is also a 4-D rollercoaster experience.

Nina Zipkin

Customer help

The space also includes a help desk that offers one-on-one customer service as well as larger classes and workshops to be held in the "playroom," where people can also make customizable cases for their Samsung devices.

Nina Zipkin

Try out some tech

In the living room space, customers can check out some of the company's home appliances in addition to the phones and tablets throughout the flagship store.

Nina Zipkin

Grab a bite

The space comes equipped with kitchens for culinary demos and a café with a menu by Smorgasburg and coffee from Stand Coffee.