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Do Pets Make the Best Co-Workers?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

What do snails, cats, iguanas and dogs have in common? They are all just trying to make a buck as office assistants. Some are hardworking; others are skating on thin ice.

We had no idea that when we asked to see your office pets, that we would get so many and such variety. Keep them coming with hashtag #ENTpets.

Is your office currently lacking it’s own pet? Not to worry, Overstock recently launched a pet adoption arm to it’s site. So if you are in the market for a puppy or an alpaca, Overstock has pulled data from over 6,000 shelters for all your adoption needs.

Now, onto the cuteness! In no particular order, here are 25 of our favorite submissions (this was no easy task).


Submitted by: Megan Totka 

Bum works head of security at No word if he lost his eye in the line of duty. Either way, adorable.  



Submitted by: @WingsAirNY

Nomi the French bulldog, is in charge of airport security. Wonder if she gets to fly free?

Honey MewMew Purr-nandez

Submitted by: @hellokaylarose

She's cute, but according to her owner, Kayla Rose, she's pretty useless. 

Brad Pet & Zoe

Submitted by: Phillipines Loansolutions

That's Brad Pet the dog and Zoe the iguana, keeping it cool in the office. 


Submitted by: @emPOWEREDbag

Chloe the Frenchie enjoys noshing on carrots and working on her selfie game at emPOWERED


Submitted by: ZOG Digital

No word on Gary the snail's duties, but we'd argue that rockin' beanies is one of them. 


Submitted by: Collen Martin-Lauer

Darby uses the office postage meter to make sure his treats reach the accepted weight. 


Submitted by: @FRESHeTECH

Karma rides the elevator at FRESHeTECH, toy in mouth. 

Miss Bella

Submitted by: @HomeInsteadMH

Miss Bella keeps things in tip-top shape at Harborough Home Care.


Submitted by: @WomenYSK

Former shelter kitten Peachu, is the Animal Kingdom Contributor at Women You Should Know


Submitted by: @Screenpush

Lucky Scoops got his paws on Google Glass. He uses it almost exclusively for treat locating while hanging out at Screenpush

Dot Courson

Submitted by: @DotCoursonArt

Equine artists or critics? Just another day at work for these two.  


Submitted by: @jamasoftware

Sedrick the pomeranian never drops the ball. 


Submitted by: @mackmckelvey

Ivan keeps things light and goofy at SalientMG


Submitted by: @BoccesBakery

Bleu has the extrememly ruff job of taste tester at Bocce's Bakery


Submitted by: Eastwick

These three patient cuties are just a few of the lucky pups that get to hang out at Eastwick


Submitted by: @harveyandhugo

Harvey has the important job in assisting with artwork selection at Harvey & Hugo

Wildfire Marketing Gang

Submitted by: @WildfireMktg  

These are just some of the dogs that collect a paycheck at Wildfire



Submitted by: @HorsepowerIndy

Don't look to Cami for a seat in the reception area at Horsepower Inc

Cooper & Abigail

Submitted by: Jacqueline Whitmore

Cooper and Abigail are caught sleeping on the job as etiquette experts. 


Submitted by: @SparkPRC

Lilith takes in the sun when she's not consulting clients at Spark PR.


Submitted by: @profdrvoldo

Office manager "Lucky" tests shipping boxes for orders of yarn from


Submitted by: Chris Teso

Lazy canine or efficient pooch. Only the folks at Chirpify know. 


Submitted by: @DanielleSNOUT

Archer is one of the premier professors at Snout School, which helps teach social media to veterinarians.


Submitted by: @PonyGraphicsInc

When Tero talks, employees listen. Here is his giving his presentation on the importance of work life balance.