The Air Management Maverick: Abhishek Goyal, Executive Director & CEO, Aeroprime Group

Today, Aeroprime has worked with more than 10 airline customers with its innovative concept of airline management / General Sales Agent (GSA) services. Its client list includes major airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Avianca Group, Salam Air, Flyadeal, and Fly Arystan among others

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'My Back Already Hurts': Critics Think Southwest Airlines' Newly Redesigned Seats Are Too 'Thin'

Southwest Airlines debuted its new RECARO seating for passengers last week.

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An International Airline Is Starting to Weigh Passengers on an 'Anonymous' Basis

Finnair is set to roll out the option to passengers who volunteer.


Crisis at 30,000 Feet: Grading the CEO Responses to Boeing's Mid-Flight Blowout

A breakdown of the public communications triangle between Boeing CEO, Dave Calhoun, United CEO, Scott Kirby, and Alaskian Airlines CEO, Ben Minicucci.

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These Are the Most — and Least — On-Time Airlines of 2023, According to a New Report

In July 2023, ticket-selling airlines reported an on-time arrival rate of 69.6%.

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A Travel Hack Beloved By Airline Passengers Nationwide Is On Its Way Out

The traditional "mileage run" may become obsolete as airlines pivot toward rewarding spending over miles flown.

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Popular YouTuber Banned By Airline After Calling It 'Outdated' and 'Dirty' in a Scathing Review

YouTuber Josh Cahill has more than 650,000 subscribers on the platform.

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'This Is Shaping Up to Be a Record-Setting Year': Airlines Are Bracing for the Busiest Holiday Travel Season Ever

Airlines and airports expect to see 10% more flyers than last year.

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Some Flights Are as Low as $29 Right Now as Airlines Rush to Fill Seats Before the End of the Year

There are a record 260 million seats to fill by the end of the fourth quarter.

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These Are the Top 10 'Mega Airports' in North America, According to a New Report

J.D. Power's annual ranking named Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport highest for customer satisfaction for 2023.

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Dangerous Plane Incidents Are Skyrocketing. I'd Know—I Just Went Through 3 in 1 Day

I survived three airline disasters in one day. This is what happened on my terrifying journey across the U.S.

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American Airlines Agrees to Substantial Pilot Pay Raises — Here's What It Could Mean For Travelers

The deal guarantees an immediate 21% pay increase for around 15,000 pilots and outlines further raises over the next four years.

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Pilot Dies In the Bathroom After Flight Departs from Miami. Airline Is 'Deeply Saddened By This Event.'

LATAM Airlines Captain Iván Andaur Santibáñez collapsed midway through the journey, prompting his co-pilots to make an emergency landing.

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Disorderly Airline Passengers Are Disappearing in the U.S.: 'We Are Addressing This Issue Aggressively.'

Incidents involving unruly air travelers abounded during the pandemic. Where are they now?

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A United Airlines Passenger Was Overjoyed to be Upgraded to First Class — Then He Was Threatened to Be Put on a No-Fly List.

A traveler's journey went from serendipitous to unsettling when he requested a manicotti for the second leg of his trip, which was in economy seating.