Salesforce Stock is Rebounding

Customer relationship management (CRM) giant Salesforce (NASDAQ: CRM) shares have taken a beating since peaking at $311.40 last year.

Jea Yu

¿El efecto de red está afectando su eficiencia como emprendedor?

¿Cómo se construye un CRM sólido con y sin redes sociales?

Jon Michail

Is the Network Effect Impacting Your Efficiency as an Entrepreneur?

How do you build a strong CRM with and without social media?

Jon Michail

A Simple-to-Use CRM for Small Business Means an Easier Day-to-Day

With a bumper year of consumer spending ahead, it's a smart idea to reinforce your CRM for small business.


Need High-Velocity Sales Solutions? This Startup Knows How To Do It

LeadSquared boasts of serving over 1,000 customers worldwide across different high sales-velocity segments such as insurance, edtech, higher education, lending, real estate and tech-based marketplaces, among others

Debarghya Sil

Daylite Offers a Customized CRM for Small Businesses That Use Mac

Manage everything your professional services SMB needs from a single hub.


Daylite ofrece un CRM personalizado para pequeñas empresas que usan Mac

Administre todo lo que sus PYMES de servicios profesionales necesitan desde un solo centro.


By Going The Extra Mile For Clients, Saphyte Founder Ali Homadi Is Making His Homegrown MENA Startup Stand Out As A CRM Provider

While most other CRM providers in the region are only focused on selling their offerings, Saphyte is upping the ante by creating software that really helps businesses grow- and one can see the company is walking the talk.

Aby Sam Thomas

Uso de un CRM para administrar y respaldar a los agentes de ventas de contratistas independientes

Para las empresas con representantes de ventas de contratistas independientes, un sistema de administración de relaciones con el cliente puede ayudar a contratar, capacitar, implementar y administrar estos equipos.

Austin Mac Nab

Using a CRM to Manage and Support Independent Contractor Sales Agents

For businesses with independent contractor sales reps, a customer relationship management system can help hire, train, deploy and manage these teams.

Austin Mac Nab

Cómo practicar la gratitud como habilidad empresarial

Las relaciones prosperan cuando las personas se sienten escuchadas y valoradas.

Jamie Broderick

How to Practice Gratitude as a Business Skill

Relationships flourish when people feel heard and valued.

Jamie Broderick