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If you need to cut back on your IT spending while keeping productivity high, consider the deal on this high-spec HP desktop.


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Tackle to-do lists with this refurbished mini desktop for just $199.99.


Enjoy a More Powerful Working Experience with This HP ProDesk

Save $80 off a refurbished HP desktop computer.


This Refurbished Lenovo ThinkCentre Is in Near-Mint Condition for Just $200

Save money and get a near-mint, refurbished Lenovo desktop computer.

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Don't Let your Mobile App Users Slip With these Sloppy Features

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6 Easy Tips to Instantly Save Money on Your Ecommerce Strategy

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Microsoft Surface Studio Is Finally Here To Take On The iMac

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PC Market Slumps to Lowest Point Since 2011

Two-in-ones were a bright spot in the market, but Q1 shipments of all other categories were 'weak,' Canalys says.

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Use of Internet on Desktops Is Declining

People are doing a lot on their mobile devices, but rather than supplementing their desktop use, mobile interest seems to be supplanting it.