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I Built a Billion-Dollar Company With the Help of These 19 Business Books

Reading books is a great way to obtain information and advice from experts that can help you grow your business. If you're looking for a place to start, try this list.


Jeffrey Archer: Storyteller and Best Selling Author for Four Decades

In an exclusive chat with the bestselling author Jeffrey Archer who has been in the industry for over four decades now, published more than 35 novels and sold many millions copy

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This E-Commerce Giant Is Helping Aspiring Authors Self-publish their Books

If you have your tax id handy, you can publish your book in five minutes on the platform


#6 Websites Which Can be a Book Lover's Paradise

Now, read a book on your smartphone for free

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These Third Generation Entrepreneurs are Spinning Success Across Diverse Domains

The six scions have worked towards making it a carbon-neutral company and promoted digital marketing initiatives across all their brands

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Don't Have The Budget To Market Yourself? Read #7 Tips For SMEs

Small business entrepreneurs need to be smarter, wiser in ensuring market credibility in a limited budget.

Growth Strategies

Why Digitization of Regional Literature is Essential

Linguistic variety adds richness to the Indian culture, with every region having highly developed literary legacies.


Books That Inspire Me: Ankur Bhatia

Ankur Bhatia, Director of Bird group shares his all time favorite books


An Entrepreneur Whose Love For Books Doesn't Fade Away

Books that inspired this entrepreneur.

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6 Books That Will Transform Your Mindset About How to Grow Your Business

There are no secrets to success if you just read the secrets successful people have written about.