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Scott Greenberg

· 10 min read

Rick Grossmann

· 5 min read

Fight for Your Franchise Challenge, Week 7: Make Better Decisions With the Three Decision Lens Strategy

Every decision made by any leader impacts the overall brand and all of its parts. 

Rick Grossmann

· 7 min read

Fight for Your Franchise Challenge, Week 5: Implementing the Franchise Equation

When a business is running at its peak in all areas, efficiency and profitability increase exponentially.

Rick Grossmann

· 4 min read

The Top 11 Companies in the Franchise 500, Ranked From Cheapest to Most Expensive

Which of the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 entries is the cheapest, and which is most expensive?

Matthew McCreary

· 5 min read

Have You 'Immunized' Your Franchise Portfolio Against the Coronavirus?

For franchises, a blend of concepts, geography and margins are key to surviving economic downturns.

Danny Cattan and James Vitrano

· 5 min read

24 Top-Ranked, Affordable Franchises You Can Buy for $25,000 or Less

These low-cost franchises are worth your time, energy and investment.

Matthew McCreary

· 8 min read

Papa John's Ex-CEO Says He Ate More Than 40 Pizzas in 30 Days and That 'The Day of Reckoning Will Come'

Papa John's founder and former CEO John Schnatter slammed the pizza chain he founded in an interview with local news.

Kate Taylor

· 2 min read

McDonald's Is Set to Lose $3.4 Billion in Value After the CEO Was Fired Over a Relationship With a Subordinate

McDonald's on Friday fired its CEO, Steve Easterbrook, for violating its policy of having a relationship with an employee.

Yusuf Khan

· 2 min read