"Sin duda esto causa ansiedad": el CEO de Google habla de la ronda de despidos más grande en la historia de la compañía

Sundar Pichai, CEO de Google, atendió las preocupaciones de los empleados durante una reunión pública de toda la compañía el lunes.

Emily Rella

'Google Has Caused Great Harm': Justice Department Sues Google Over Advertising Technology

Eight state attorneys general and the Department of Justice are going after what they say is a digital ad tech monopoly.

'Undoubtedly Causing Anxiety': Google CEO Breaks Silence on Biggest Layoff Round in Company History

Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressed employee concerns during a company-wide town hall meeting on Monday.

Emily Rella

'The Decision I Needed To Make' : Sundar Pichai On Google's Massive Layoffs

According to a Bloomberg report, Pichai said that he had consulted with the company's founders and board in making the decision for 6% cuts

Teena Jose

'Why me? Why now?': 8 Months Pregnant Woman Says Google Laid Her Off

Google employee Katherine Wong was set to go on maternity leave — then, she got the email.

Ahora es Google: Alphabet anuncia un recorte de 10,000 empleos

La filial de Google y YouTube se une a la larga lista de empresas tecnológicas que han recortado puestos de trabajo de manera masiva.

Google Will Lay Off 12,000 Workers Due to 'Difficult Economic Cycles'

The tech giant sent out the layoff notice early Friday morning, joining the ranks of other tech giants that are reducing their workforces.

What's Google's Future As the Supreme Search Engine

While Google Search may be the leading search engine globally, there several features and inventions which help it retain its position. Google Images, Google Maps, and News contribute heavily to make it popular among users

Paromita Gupta

Antitrust Order Will Stall Android's Growth In India, Warns Google

Antitrust laws are regulations that encourage competition by limiting the market power of any particular firm

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What Is ChatGPT? Google, Siri and Even ChatGPT Are Confused About Its Existence

ChatGPT is a chatbot built on a variant of Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) and uses powerful language to generate human-like responses

¿Un buscador impulsado por la inteligencia artificial? Bing trabaja ya en integrar ChatGPT a los resultados de búsqueda

El desarrollo podría cambiar para siempre la manera en que buscamos información en línea… y destronar a Google.

¿Adiós cookies? Google trabaja en la automatización para eliminarlas

La empresa norteamericana Google está buscando desarrollar procesos que permitan le erradicación de las cookies de terceros.