Home Office

"If they want to get a salary from New York they have to work there," says Morgan Stanley bank director of the home office

James Gorman, expresses to his employees that if they can go to a restaurant within the city they can go to the office and he wants them in the office.

Beat the Dry Summer Air With This Home Office Humidifier, on Sale Today

Stella is easy to clean and works for up to six hours on a single charge.

The 4 health problems that daily Zoom meetings cause you

Are you feeling exhausted and sore from hours of constant daily video calls?

Alto Nivel

Apple employees do not want to return to the offices and write a letter to Tim Cook

This occurs after the technology company informed that they would implement a hybrid work model.

Companies will bet on hybrid work schemes, only 5.7% will keep the permanent home office

According to INEGI, the number of companies that will adopt the home office permanently was reduced, but 1 in 3 workers prefers to resign if they are asked to return to the office, so they will look for hybrid work schemes to reconcile.

Well-being and work, an inseparable pairing

The positive impact of having a wellness-focused work environment is increasingly well documented.

Lucas Melman

Millennials least want to go back to their offices

Young employees will seek schemes that allow them to maintain their health, professional growth and personal development.

WeWork CEO Says Less Engaged Employees Are Comfortable With the Home Office

"Those who are very committed to the company want to go to the office at least two-thirds of the time," said Sandeep Mathrani.

Alto Nivel

5 changes to implement to make a 'kid-friendly' coworking and receive moms who do home office

By turning your coworking space into a kid-friendly place, you can increase the arrival of moms and dads who are quietly looking for a place to work.

Mairem Del Río

What to do when we cannot disconnect from work in the pandemic

We spend the day exchanging identities: between the personal self and the professional self, alternating not only between screens, but also between our different personalities and worlds, even in our own home.