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Amazon announces the opening of 400 jobs in Mexico

Job opportunities will be permanently virtual (working from home), with a reduced schedule of 40 hours per week.

If you could choose, how many days would you go to the office?

After more than a year of remote work, employees need to readjust when they return to the office. But not everyone wants to go back to how we were in March 2020.

Alejandro Paz

Google Employees Who Choose to Work From Home Could Get a Salary Cut

Similar moves are being tested by several companies in Silicon Valley.

Zoom will pay $ 85 million for violating user privacy and sharing data with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn

In an out-of-court settlement, the video calling app Zoom settled a lawsuit for violating user privacy by sharing personal data with other platforms such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, in addition to allowing hackers to break into meetings.

Your way of selling on the internet will be key against the black swan

COVID-19 not only revolutionized health, but also the social and economic sphere. Are you approaching your customers appropriately?

Do you order food at home? These 5 tips will prevent you from gaining weight

How can we be wise to make healthy choices and leave the craving behind?

Staycation, the option to take your home office anywhere and be a digital nomad

The Mexican startup Casai merged hotel quality standards with the comforts of an apartment, to offer safe spaces where you can live and work while taking a break from the routine.

Mairem Del Río

"If they want to get a salary from New York they have to work there," says Morgan Stanley bank director of the home office

James Gorman, expresses to his employees that if they can go to a restaurant within the city they can go to the office and he wants them in the office.

Beat the Dry Summer Air With This Home Office Humidifier, on Sale Today

Stella is easy to clean and works for up to six hours on a single charge.

The 4 health problems that daily Zoom meetings cause you

Are you feeling exhausted and sore from hours of constant daily video calls?

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